The Bob Moog Foundation does a tremendous amount of  good work with the generous funding provided by our donors and partners.

Sonic Patron

Spectrasonics (Bob Moog Tribute Library)

Sonic Educator

AC Entertainment



MOTU (Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank)

Sonic Ambassador

Cruise to the Edge

Sonic Wave Makers

Brandon Daniels

Stephen Greenberg

Steve Gross

Edgar Johnson

Matthew and Lucy Moog


Jody Evans

Innovator’s Club

Kenneth Florell

Daniel Liston Keller


Michael Gough in Honor of Patricia Gough Eldred

Circuit of Friends

Roscoe Anthony

David Borden

John Bosson

Gregg Brock

Peter Churchyard

Paul Connolly

Herb and Nancy Deutsch

Hunter Goosmann

John Grabowski

Edward Hartley

Hop Ice Cream

Brian Kasher

Michael Koehler and Denise Demitros

David and Erica Mash

Dominic Milano

Paul Mouradjian

Ken Rich

Kazuki Saita

Marth Saylers

Ronald Spatz

Scott Stephens

In-Kind Donors


Asheville Pizza Company

Blackbird Printing


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We express our deepest thanks to all of our donors.  We wouldn’t be here without you.


Donation Levels

Sonic Patron (Diamond) gifts of $250,000 or more Sonic Angel (Platinum) gifts of $100,000 or more Sonic Innovator (Gold) gifts of $50,000 or more Sonic Pioneer (Silver) gifts of $25,000 or more Sonic Educator gifts of $10,000 or more Sonic Ambassador $5,000 and above Sonic Wave Makers $1,000 and above Innovator’s Club $500 and above Pioneer $250 and above Circuit of Friends $100 and above Moogie’s all gifts are welcome

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