Chris Tanfield Rocks the Theremin at Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s Bele Chere After Party

Chris Tanfield has been playing his Theremin all over the southeast since 2003 as a member of Silver Machine, The Royal We, and The Morsels, as well as special guest in several other bands. He has appeared at area festivals such as Bele Chere and LEAF, on Asheville’s URTV cable channel and music venues all over the Southeast.

Chris dazzles people with his theremin skills wherever he goes, as he combines musicianship and expressiveness to create a mesmerizing performance. His history with this unique instrument runs deep, as he tells it:

“My relationship with Dr. Moog and Moog Music goes back to the late 1990’s. I first saw a theremin at UNCA music department, thanks to Dr. Wayne Kirby, and was immediately fascinated with it. Soon after that, I began working part-time at Dr.Moog’s factory building theremins. In the year so follow, I must have built, tested and played a few thousand Etherwave Theremins for Moog Music, as well as demonstrating the instrument at NAMM shows and conventions. This is where I honed my technique on the instrument and became familiar with many of its possibilities and quirks.”

“When The Moog Foundation began appearing at music festivals and venues, it was only natural that I would want to get involved, demonstrating and playing the theremin, writing and performing music, and collaborating with some of Asheville’s amazing talent at ‘Mooged-Out” events and recording sessions.”

“I’m so psyched about the upcoming show at MoDaddy’s. Like many Moog events, it will feature some of Asheville’s greatest talents on the same stage. We are collaborating on new music and old, and the mood is creative and exciting! We’ve formed a new band called “The Adapters”, which first appeared at Enter the Mind of Moog: Bob’s 75th birthday celebration. We have a fresh, new, sexy, ethereal sound mix featuring the sweet female voice of Molly Kummerle, theremin, cello, keys, guitar, and drums. Of course Dave Hamilton will be ‘mooging-out’ our sound as well.”

It is a thrill and an honor to create and collaborate with the Bob Moog Foundation and all of the musicians and performers involved. My thanks to everyone at the Bob Moog Foundation for putting together these events.

Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s:Bele Chere After Party takes place Saturday, July 25, 2009 from 10-2pm. MoDaddy’s is located two doors down from the Orange Peel at 77 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC. Call (828) 258-1550 for tickets.

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