Google Dedicates Moog Doodle, the “Goog,” to Synth Pioneer’s 78th Birthday

Congratulations to our Contest WINNER Alexandre Alves Lunardelli!

Alexandre is our lucky winner of Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack for the original composition he submitted to us! You can check it out here.  Thank you all so much for your wonderful submissions and support of the BMF!

The Doodle

At midnight on May 23rd, Bob Moog’s birthday,  Google released a Moog doodle on their homepage.  For one day only on the Google homepage, you’ll find an interactive, playable synthesizer-based logo inspired by the instruments with which Moog brought musical performance into the electronic age.  You can use your mouse or keyboard on the Moog doodle’s keys and dials to make nearly limitless sounds. Keeping with the theme of 1960s music technology, there is also a 4-track tape recorder so you can record, play back and share songs via short links or Google+.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a Google Doodle, they are modifications Google’s logo on their home page —  frequently changed for holidays, seasons, or special days–in this case Bob’s birthday.
This doodle should be a special treat for synth experts and newbies alike.

Learn how to Master the Goog from Marc Doty:

The Bob Moog Foundation’s resident synth expert, Marc Doty, has created a “how-to” video to help those of us not familiar with all the capabilities of a synthesizer get full use of the “Goog”. Check out Marc Doty’s How-To Video and get started making your own composition!

Contest Alert!

If you’re already synth savvy and ready to start recording your electronic masterpieces be sure to post the link to them in the “comments” section of this blog.  We are giving away one Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack (valued at $300) to the best original composition posted here. They need to be recorded on the Goog and submitted on May 23rd! We are also encouraging you to share this contest with your friends and on facebook.  May the best song win!

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