mooged out: Asheville (The CD)

In fall 2007 the Bob Moog Foundation sponsored an effort pioneered by local musician, engineer and producer Dave Hamilton. The idea was to record local Asheville musicians performing their music with innovative twists on or through Moog instruments.

After months of studio work, the project culminated with this CD and the recording of a collaborative track at a live event called Enter the Mind of Moog.

You can purchase the whole album for a gift of $25. All proceeds benefits the foundation.

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See pictures from the event.
View videos from the Event, as documented by Electronic Musician Magazine (scroll down the page).


To Dave Hamilton–thanks for your inspired creative spirit. To all the artists involved, who are playing a critical roll in carrying forward the legacy of Bob Moog. And to all the volunteers, without whom none of this would have been possible; a special thanks to the five amazing volunteers who made up our event committee.

Our event committee was:

  • Scott Kenney
  • Siobhan Reilly
  • Erin Rafalowski
  • Dave Hamilton
  • Sean McDonald

We deeply appreciate the donation of mastering services from Seva David Ball at Soundcurrent Mastering and our discounted press rates from Sonopress. Without you both, this project would not be possible.

Interested in participating in a future “mooged out: YourTown”?

Participating Artists

P Good by Menage

Menage is a local, female-fronted roots rock band. They were honored to donate multitrack masters to their song “P Good” that was initially recorded at Echo Mountain Studios. These tracks were then remixed using Moogerfoogers at Silvermine Studio by Dave Hamilton. The result is a new version of a Menage song that has Moogerfooger effect processing on the drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and vocals. and

Until I See Stars Again (BMI) by The Green Fields

written, produced and mixed by Chris Mondia
arranged by Chris Mondia and the Green Fields
engineered by Julian Dryer, Jon Paul Hess, Charlie Cissell & Chris Mondia

recorded at Echo Mountain Studios, Silvermine Studios, and Chris’ bedroom.
Eric Bailey – Fender bass
Chris Carter – drums
Charlie Cissell – glockenspiel
Jon Paul Hess – Moog Voyager
Chris Mondia – vocals, six & 12-string guitars, tambourine

The Green Fields are a pop band from Asheville, NC centered around the songs and arrangements of Chris Mondia. With a large and evolving cast of musicians, the Green Fields draw on a diverse range of influences such as The Beach Boys, Bacharach, Jimmy Webb, the Byrds, Gram Parsons, Gene Clark and The Beatles to make their deeply personal and unique sound. “Until I See Stars Again”, presented here in an alternate version than what will appear on their forthcoming sophomore effort, features a Moog Voyager (played by local “man about town” Jon Paul Hess) as it’s centerpiece.

Now You Know by Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band

The Booty Band is very excited about being a part of this project. As The Booty Band has not experimented much with this kind of technology, they say: “We’re very happy to have our knobs twisted and our Moogers Foogered.” The band donated multitrack masters for the song “Now You Know” which was originally tracked at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville, NC. The tracks were then processed through Moogerfooger Lopass Filter, Ring Modulator, Phaser, and Analog Delay by Dave Hamilton.

Me Have Fun by Ruby Slippers

“me have fun” copyright 2006

Ruby Slippers
lyrics & vocals written by Molly Kummerle
music written by: Molly Kummerle, Andy John, Robin Tolleson
THIS VERSION: all parts & vocals played/sang, engineered, & produced by Molly Kummerle in her den on a Zoom MRS-8 digital recorder, using a Roland 3500 S digital electric piano and a Yamaha PRS-7 420 keyboard. The Zoom media card was then passed on to Dave Hamilton who converted each track into useable waveforms and remixed the song using Moogerfoogers at Silvermine Studio.

My Heart Trembles by Broomstars

Broomstars (Jason, Liz, Clayton and Jared) have been 100% committed to preserving Bob’s legacy. From the band’s inception, it’s been a strong desire to utilize many of his beautiful instruments in Broomstar songs. This was our intent when recording “My Heart Trembles”. In particular, this song is heavily saturated with lush sonic landscapes using Moogerfoogers and the Minimoog Voyager. Listen as bass lines pulsate with the Bass MuRF, ring-modulated guitars delicately swoon, and the synth’s bombastic, yet sometimes subtle melodies emerge. It may be of interest to know that good “old-fashioned” knob twisting provided the swirling textures you hear at the end of the song. Yes, it’s true; you can do that with Moog analog gear! Bob wanted the musician to have a limitless palette from which to create. Also, included at the end, and quite heart-warming was the addition of Jared’s daughter’s heartbeat (in utero). For more information, upcoming shows and to hear additional songs, please visit our website

Willow by Chris Tanfield

Chris Tanfield recorded “Willow” with engineering help from Jon Paul Hess at Silvermine Studio. The song features acoustic guitar, vocals through Moogerfooger delay effects, and Theremin through delay being amplified through a Leslie speaker.

Funk in ya Knock by Agent 23

Agent 23 is an MC/Producer, soloist and member of the notorious GFE collective. He has released 3 solo albums as well as an album of hip hop for youngsters. He reps for the traveling set, the misfits, and the lovers of psychedelic. His self produced song, “Funk in ya Knock”, is an elbow to the ribs of overserious mainstream hip hop, and features a keys solo heavily dosed by the Moogwork of Dave Hamilton.

You can find more Agent 23 classics at and entertainment for the kids at

Fakie Rock by Strut

Hi we’re STRUT – we’ve lived and played music in Asheville for 8 years. We play a mix of Ska/Funk & Rock, lately our song writing has taken an electronic/psychedelic turn due the help of the Moogerfooger’s and their endless sonic possibilities. We are honored to be part of this compilation and anything MOOG. The song we selected for the compilation is called Fakie Rock. The song was tracked in Orlando, FL and then taken to Altamont Studios in Asheville for overdubbing. That’s when we broke out the toys. The Moogerfooger’s included in this song are: Lowpass Filter & Ring Modulator on guitar; 12 Stage Phaser on bass and vocals; we also used a Minimoog Voyager and an original Minimoog keyboard for overdubs.

Find more of our music at and

much love… enjoy! – STRUT-

Another Longest Day of the Year by The If You Wannas

We used the Moog Little Phatty for the lead synth part with added delay and distortion.

Ryan Cox – vocals, guitars
Trevor Stoia – bass
Jacob Baumann – drums
Gavin Conner – little phatty synth

words and music by Ryan Cox
copyright 2007
recorded at High Five Recording with Jayro and

Turn it Around by Josh Blake and his Big Money Band

The Big Money Band is a group of talented Asheville musicians who have come together to support me and my songwriting. Our group includes members of GFE, Strut, Yo Mammas Big Fat Booty Band, and The Short Term Memory String Band. When we were approached by the Moog Foundation to submit a track for this compilation, we wasted no time. The track “Turn it Around” was recorded at Echo Mountain Studios (Asheville, N.C.) in August ’07 and features the musicianship of Eric Krasno (Soulive) and David McCracken (Donna The Buffalo) working the wonders of the Moog Voyager. We are truly honored to be included in this project and to have an opportunity to give back to someone who gave so much to the world of music. peace…….Josh Blake and

Be For You by Josh Phillips Folk Festival

As the Folk Festival’s debut album, WICKER, is not due out until April ’08 and has not been mixed in it’s entirety, Josh Phillips is honored to hear this Moog interpretation of this “Pre-Mix.” Listen closely for the deep bass on the drumset. There are plenty of Moogerfoogers on the vocal tracks as well.

Geronimo by Chach

Chach is an up and coming, innovative hip hop artist whose production sounds are on the cutting edge. On the track “Geronimo,” the Minimoog Voyager is used for it’s grimey lead synth tone.

Circus Pills by Jen and the Juice

“The circusy waltz and lyrics in the song suggests there is a problem with doctors over medicating people.” says Jen Greer. The Jen and the Juice song “Circus Pills” was recorded in the halls of UNCA music department (literally). While Jen Greer recorded the song standing in the middle of the hall way with a single vocal mic, Joe Buzzelli (Jen and the Juice drummer and producer) and Funky J. Bryan (sound engineer) weaved MoogerFooger effects: Low Pass Filter, Ring Modulator, Stage Phaser, Analog Delay, MuRF and Control Processor, throughout the song. If you listen closely you can hear them running in the hall. and

The New Come On by The Great Slide

The Great Slide is a four piece psychedelic rock outfit. The song “The New Come On” was recorded at Silvermine Studio by Steve French. The vocals are drenched in Moogerfooger Analog Delay, the bass is being played through a Phaser, and the drumset is being played through Moogerfooger effects to create sonic textures as well as a fuller kick drum.

Continuum by Thunderdrums

Thunderdrums is the solo tribal electronica project performed by Asheville NC resident Frank Bloom. The set up for Thunderdrums includes a vast array of various handdrums, percussion instruments, drumset, electronic drum pads, samplers, effects pedals, and looping pedals. For “Continuum,” Frank used his Moogerfooger MURF alongside a few more effects graciously donated for the recording by the Broomstars: the Phaser, the Delay, as well as a Little Phatty synthesizer for the live basslines he created. more information, tour dates, etc:

Moogwai by Medisin

Medisin has been on the electronic music scene since 1999 when he mysteriously discovered a forever life changing psy.trance party in the backwoods of North Carolina. Since then he has gone on to become a gifted DJ & Producer, with many different styles of music under his belt. Traveling often while spreading his infectious style of psychedelic to the world and bringing medicine through music to heal the sins and sadness of the human experience. This track, “Moogwai,” was made specifically for the Bob Moog Foundation in memory of Bob Moog. A true pioneer who helped to create so many new opportunities to open up the mind and send it on a journey. THANK YOU!!!Medisin

Event Photos
Pictures from the Enter the Mind of Moog event where we recorded the live track.
Special thanks to Jen Lepkowski Photography and Jon Leidel Photography.

Bob Moog Foundation + Asheville AFFILIATES

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