Unidentified Liberationist

Who is rocking this Moog Liberation?

Someone recently donated this image, found at the botttom of a box of Moog memorobilia,  to us. Can you help us identify this rocker chick?

Here’s what we know: The setting looks like a convention, likely a NAMM show. The keytar is, of course, the first commerically produced portable synthezsizer, the polyphonic Moog Liberation. The year is likely early ’80s, as the Liberation was released by Moog Music, Inc. (Buffalo) in 1980. We also know it’s the eighties by the big hair, big glasses and rockin’ leather pants.

Let us know if you recognize the person, place or year by commenting below.






















For a bit more info on the Moog Liberation, check out this ad:

6 Responses to “Unidentified Liberationist”

  1. Todd Booth

    ‎- I remember this – Namm in Anaheim, the first year the Liberation was released. – I was there working for MOOG. There is a picture of me playing it as well in Downbeat Magazine during the show. BTW – That prototype was noticeably heavier than the ones that were finally produced.

  2. tamps

    moog liberation it is….moog has been the godfather of synths technology…till date moog has delivered its products to the finest…
    love nd respect to BOB MOOG……

    “SLIM PHATTY” thats wat makes me moooooog!!! my baby

  3. Steve Plemonster

    Imogen Heap? Joan Wasser? Looks too old to be Joan Jett… Looks bloody familiar!
    Other bands include: Didier Marouani of Space, Tom Coster of Santana, Tommy Cyborg of Chrome, Devo, Damon Edge of Chrome, Roy Goudie, Herbie Hancock, Joy Electric, Mark Jenkins, Bryce Kushnier of The Fancy Few, Ascites, Abuse Tactics, Light of the World, John Malloy, The Moog Cookbook, Danny Peyronel of British band UFO, Saga, Tom Schuman, Six Finger Satellite, Stereolab, Spiral-Shaped Mind, Page McConnell of Phish, Jakobínarína, Saga…

  4. moonflowercafe

    See also “The Stranglers” ….. using a Liberationist

    Always The Sun – Classic Moog Sound !!!

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