Place your bids now on a Little Phatty signed by Jam Cruise 10 artists including Bruce Hornsby and John Oates

We are excited to announce the auction of a Moog Little Phatty Stage II synthesizer signed by over 15 artists from the floating musical experience, Jam Cruise 10. The auction, which benefits our educational project, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, will be hosted on the Bob Moog Foundation’s eBay portal from January 19 to January 29.

During Jam Cruise 10, which took place from January 9-14 2012, both legendary and contemporary musicians signed the instrument, including:

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, our educational program, teaches children the science of sound through the magic of music. Using electronic musical instruments such as theremins, synthesizers and effect pedals, as well as oscilloscopes and other teaching aides, the innovative program engages children in the basic physics of sound through the parameters of electronic music. A standardized curriculum for Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool is currently in a pilot phase with the Asheville City Schools at the second grade level and our goal is to grow the program nationwide. Dr. Bob’s SoundsSchool brought its experiential learning experience to 50 children in Jamaica as part of Jam Cruise’s Positive Legacy project.

The Little Phatty® synthesizer was donated to the Bob Moog Foundation by Moog Music, Inc.  The Little Phatty Stage II is a monophonic analog synthesizer manufactured by Moog Music since 2006. It puts the performer in control of 100% analog signal path, two Voltage Controlled Oscillators and the Voltage Controlled Filter. Other versatile features include external audio input, CV and KB gate input, full MIDI controller, MIDI over USB, MIDI Clock Sync, an arpeggiator and Tap Tempo. The Little Phatty Stage II brings true analog synthesis to contemporary performance and production, making it modern music powerhouse.

Bidding on the autographed Little Phatty is now open!  You can place your bid here.