macProVideo Blog Series Part Six: Designing Timbres

Designing Timbres with Marc Doty In the final tutorial of this series, Marc puts some of the concepts he has portrayed to work by creating patches and implementing functionalities in order to generate interesting and useful timbres. Videos included: 1.  … Continued

macProVideo Blog Series Part Five: The VCA & Other Tools

The VCA & Other Tools with Marc Doty In this tutorial, Marc demonstrates and explains a variety of the standalone functionalities employed in analog synthesis.  Generating examples of their sound and functionality as well as employing aspects of synthesis demonstrated … Continued

macProVideo Blog Series Part Four: Control Voltage

Control Voltage with Marc Doty Control voltage revolutionized synthesis by providing effective and extensive means of controlling functional changes over time.  Through exhaustive demonstration of the ways control voltage can be implemented in synthesis using a variety of classic synths, … Continued

macProVideo Blog Series Part Three: Filters

Filters with Marc Doty The filter is the most popular module in synthesis, and like the oscillator, has a surprising origin.  Initially a means to increase caller count on telephone lines, the filter’s ability to remove and or emphasize harmonics … Continued

macProVideo Blog Series Part Two: Oscillators

Oscillators with Marc Doty From its surprising beginning in Edison’s light bulb to its modern realization in the form of computer code, the oscillator has provided the foundation for sound in synthesis.  Marc walks us through the history of this … Continued

macProVideo Blog Series Part One: The Synthesis of Synthesis

The Synthesis of Synthesis with Marc Doty “The Synthesis of Synthesis” is the introductory tutorial of “The Foundation of Synthesis.”  In it, Marc Doty lays the foundation for the development of synthesizers by describing a clear historical timeline for the … Continued