Moog: A History in Recordings by Thom Holmes

Guest blogger Thom Holmes explores how technology and musical artistry influence one another Some questions about electronic music are best answered historically. What qualities make electronic music inherently different than other music? Where did the idea originate to compose using … Continued

NAMM 2013 in Photos

A duophonic Minimoog, a massive Moog modular and a very cool couch–NAMM 2013  in photos. The NAMM show 2013, which took place in Anaheim, CA January  24-27,  was a resounding success for the Bob Moog Foundation.  From demos of vintage … Continued

2012 Calendar: “Moog Pioneers in the Studio”

                  We are proud to announce the release of our 2012 calendar, “Moog Pioneers in the Studio”, which features photos and history from Bob Moog’s archives, as well as photos from collections of … Continued

Arturia Announces “Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack”

Arturia Creates Pack to Honor Moog Legacy and Benefit Bob Moog Foundation ARTURIA and the BOB MOOG FOUNDATION are proud to introduce Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack. This unique  box set includes Arturia’s award-winning Minimoog-V and Moog Modular V, a DVD … Continued

What is That Thing and Where Can I Get One?

August 21, 2010 – Fifth Anniversary Tribute Seva David Ball, Preservationist on BMF GRAMMY Grant Reflects on Bob’s Impact on His Life My introduction to the Moog was at Christmas 1968, of course through Switched-On Bach by Carlos. I thought, … Continued

Erik Norlander’s “The Princely Hours”

Erik Norlander’s Skillful Use of Five Moog Instruments Provides Upbeat, Ethereal Song to Benefit the Bob Moog Foundation. Erik Norlander is a progressive rock keyboardist whose evocative synthesizer technique is Erik’s evocative synthesizer technique is reminiscent of the legendary Rick … Continued