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Early “Live” Moog Modular Artists: John Mills-Cockell

This is the first of a series of blogs on early live uses of the Moog Modular. Before Keith Emerson took his mammoth “Monster Moog” on tour in 1971—an astonishing feat by any measure—there were several forays into live performances by a number of Moog users. Their experience spanned music genres, from classical, experimental, art rock, and jazz. All before the year 1970.


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Bob Moog Foundation Hosts a Virtual Listening Party of the Historic Abominatron Tapes to Bid Farewell to the Moog Prototype

The historic Abominatron tape is the audio recording originally sent to Herb Deutsch from Bob Moog in 1965, in which Bob explains in his own voice, every parameter of the Moog synthesizer prototype. The 84-minute reel-to-reel tape was donated to the Bob Moog Foundation Archives by Herb Deutsch, and has been carefully restored and transferred to digital format by Seva.

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