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Michelle Moog-Koussa Remembers Keith Emerson

A Massive Loss and a Monumental and Ethereal Connection   For three days I have struggled to write a fitting tribute to Keith Emerson. All I could muster was his name, staring starkly back at me from my unrelenting computer screen. As I…

Early “Live” Moog Modular Artists: John Mills-Cockell

Moog: A History in Recordings – by Thom Holmes On the Road: Early “Live” Moog Modular Artists This is the first of a series of blogs on early live uses of the Moog Modular. Before Keith Emerson took his mammoth “Monster Moog” on tour in 1971—an…

A History of the Moog Modular in Space Music

Moog: A History in Recordings Thom Holmes A Little Space Music While most musicians were finding ways to adapt the Moog Modular to popular music–using the keyboard controller to play the instrument like an organ– others found satisfaction in…

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