2012 Calendar: “Moog Pioneers in the Studio”










We are proud to announce the release of our 2012 calendar, “Moog Pioneers in the Studio”, which features photos and history from Bob Moog’s archives, as well as photos from collections of pioneering synthesists. The photos and text, compiled by BMF volunteer Historian Brian Kehew, focus not on the rock star pioneers, but rather on more obscure luminaries and their fantastic Moog modular synthesizers.











Through documenting the many  musicians, composers and scholars who collaborated with Bob Moog, the Foundation aims to share the breadth of material encompassed in the inventor’s archives and to share the rich history of electronic music.  In addition to three photos that feature Moog himself, the calendar also features:

The calendar includes forwords from Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa and from Brian Kehew.

The calendar is available for purchase on the Bob Moog Foundation’s brand new online store.

As an ode to Moog’s pioneering work in modular synthesis, the background of calendar grid features art images of vintage Moog modules from symphonic synthesist Erik Norlander’s 1967 modular system.  The images were taken by Shaun Hollingsworth of (SIC) Images. The calendar was designed by Rose Hecht and edited by Geary Yelton.











Saints be praised, the Bob Moog Foundation has released another fantastic, picture-laden calendar, this one for 2012! Featured in gorgeous vintage photos and posing with Moog Modular Synthesizers — and on occasion with the great Bob Moog himself — are 12 important pioneers of synthesized and electro-acoustic music. Some of these pioneers I’m familiar with, others not so much, and I welcome the challenge of learning more about them beyond what’s revealed by their accompanying captions. Cheers to the Bob Moog Foundation for recognizing these pioneers! I urge everyone to support the crucial Bob Moog Foundation cause by first purchasing this new calendar and by contributing in any way humanly possible.

—Mark Vail, Music Historian, Author, Teacher and Journalist.

All proceeds from  the sale of the calendar go to support the foundation’s ongoing projects, including the preservation of Bob’s historical and extensive archives, the expansion of our Student Outreach Project and future creation a Moogseum in Asheville, NC.