2020 Birth of the Minimoog Calendar Released!

2020 “The 50th Anniversary of the Birth of the Minimoog” calendar cover

Just in time for the new decade, we are proud to announce the release of our new 2020 calendar. Following a long line of past calendars celebrating the different aspects of the history of the Moog legacy, The 50th Anniversary of the Birth of the Minimoog calendar traces the iconic synthesizer’s history from the creation of the prototypes through its eventual release in 1970 and beyond. Prominently featured are rare, historical images of the prototypes of the synthesizer, including those with pioneering Moog artists Sun Ra, Dick Hyman, and Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece.

The calendar is available through our online store, and through the Moogseum Store at 56 Broadway Street in downtown Asheville, NC. 

The calendar features new images of all four models of the Minimoog prototypes, including the “Min A”, the Mini Moog Model B and Model C, and an extremely rare example of Model D prototype customized for R.A. Moog’s Composer-in-Residence, Chris Swansen. Also featured are rare photos of the Minimoog prototypes Models A and B being used in performance by Mother Mallard’s Portable Masterpiece, Sun Ra, and Dick Hyman. Additional images explore the Minimoog in the early years of its release, including photos with Minimoog maverick salesman David VanKoevering, and with Bob Moog. 

2020 calendar, back cover.

Further honoring Minimoog history, the calendar explores the technical evolution from one prototype to the next, drawing on first-hand accounts from two of the original Minimoog engineers, Bill Hemsath and Jim Scott. It also features important dates of the Minimoog on its journey to becoming the most iconic analog synthesizer of all time.

The 50th Anniversary of the Birth of the Minimoog 2020 calendar can be purchased here: http://bit.ly/MinimoogCal2020 

We are delighted to share the rich history of the Minimoog through this one-of-a-kind collection of photographs, and to celebrate the many contributors who helped bring the instrument to life. Our goal is to bring the Moog legacy alive in everything that we do, and this calendar is no exception. It is full of compelling information that anyone interested in the Minimoog’s history will enjoy throughout 2020 and beyond.

Many thanks to our friends at the Electronic Music Education and Archive Preservation Project (EMEAPP) for providing photos of the Minimoog prototypes, to David Borden, Dick Hyman, and Sun Ra Archives for sharing rare photos of the prototypes in use, and to Jim Scott and Michael Calaroso for historical insight.

The 50th Anniversary of the Birth of the Minimoog calendar can be purchased here: http://bit.ly/MinimoogCal2020