2020 Minimoog Raffle: Win A Vintage Minimoog Model D Signed by Herbie Hancock!


OUR 2020 RAFFLE for the Minimoog Model D HAS ENDED. We are deeply grateful to all of you who entered and participated. 1,903 people from over 35 countries purchased 3,600 tickets. Your support creates vital funding for our educational and archive preservation projects, including our new Moogseum

The Bob Moog Foundation is thrilled to announce its 2020 Minimoog Raffle, featuring a vintage, iconic Minimoog Model D synthesizer, serial number 1549, signed by legendary keyboardist Herbie Hancock. Hancock added his signature, drew a musical staff, and wrote the inscription “(Hey Bob!)” on the back of the Minimoog, making it a one-of-a-kind offering. 

“The Bob Moog Foundation is carrying on the educational mission of Bob Moog, ensuring that the future will be left in the hands of young people who are constantly creating, constantly breaking barriers. I support the Foundation in their work with Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool because our future depends on inspiring today’s young children. They are our future.” — Herbie Hancock

The inimitable Herbie Hancock signing the back of our vintage Minimoog Model D

Tickets to enter the raffle are $25 each, five for $100, 12 for $200, or 35 for $500

The raffle is open internationally and closes at 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 or when all 4,500 tickets are sold, whichever comes first.

Please review the Rules and Regulations before entering.

The vintage Minimoog Model D being offered is serial number 1549, was built at Moog Music’s Williamsville, NY factory, and is valued at $5,000. With Herbie Hancock’s signature and inscription to Bob, it’s considered a one-of-a-kind collector’s item. It has been fully restored, and is in excellent technical condition. It is in very good physical condition with minor flaws consistent with an instrument of this age. We have chosen not to restore the cosmetic flaws in an effort to safeguard the unique provenance of the synthesizer.

The back of the Minimoog, signed by Herbie Hancock
The Minimoog is known as the world’s most iconic synthesizer, and inspired signal flow layout for hundreds of synthesizers that came after it.
This very early Minimoog, serial number 1,549 of 13,269, still has the clear pitch and modulation wheels.
While the exterior of the Minimoog being raffled is in very good condition, it does have some minor imperfections commensurate with a vintage instrument of its age.

Herbie Hancock joins a long list of renowned musicians supporting the Foundation’s efforts. Recent raffles have featured vintage synthesizers signed by Stevie Wonder, Dr. Fink of Prince and the Revolution, Jan Hammer, and Rick Wakeman. Hancock, whose illustrious career spans five decades and and astounding 14 Grammy awards, helped pioneer the use of synthesizers in jazz, and has been at the forefront of using technology to make music. He is known for his ever-probing jazz sensibilities, his willingness to explore music across all genres, and is considered to be among the most elite and influential players of his time.

Keyboardists Valerie Ghent and Nigel Hall (@Lettuce ) share why this Minimoog is so special.

The Minimoog Model D is widely regarded as the most iconic synthesizer of all time and was recognized as such in a 2006 international voters’ poll by SonicState.com. When released in 1970, the Minimoog represented a musical and technological revolution, with its combination of portability, affordability, accessible user interface, and innovative sound and functions. Its robust construction has allowed the instrument to withstand the test of time. Vintage Minimoog Model Ds are coveted by synthesizer enthusiasts worldwide.

New York City-based keyboardist Valerie Ghent on the greatness of the iconic Minimoog Model D!
Funk Keyboardist Nigel Hall On the Virtues of the Minimoog (that could be yours).
Jamar Woods of The Fritz Getting Funky on our Minimoog Model D Signed By Herbie Hancock!!

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