Announcing Online Synthgeek Trivia!

We are excited to announce two inaugural Bob Moog Foundation Synthgeek Trivia games on Thursday, July 23rd at 6pm (ET), and Saturday, July 25th at 3pm (ET). The games are being provided to both unify and energize the worldwide community of synthesizer enthusiasts and to serve as fundraising events for the Foundation. The Saturday game in particular is scheduled to be accessible to European audiences.

Tickets are $7.50 USD each and may be purchased in advance through the Foundation’s online store

The games, hosted by David C. Lovelace of Packrat cartoon fame, will consist of 16 multiple-choice questions, and will last for approximately 45 minutes each. Winners will be automatically tabulated via the trivia application based on the number of correct answers and the speed with which the answers are entered. All questions will be multiple choice. 

The games will be run using Zoom for real-time game narration and interactivity, in addition to the game itself being hosted separately on the platform. Participants can view the screen on a second monitor or mobile device. Participation is limited to 95 players for each game. 

Questions will be culled from a variety of synthesizer experts and will include such subject areas as synthesizer history and specifications, electronic music, artists, and inventors. First, second, and third prizes, with a combined value of more than $100, will be awarded for each game. Information about the prizes can be found when purchasing tickets