Announcing Three New Bob Moog Foundation Logos



Our new Bob Moog Foundation logo

You’ll see in our new logo below that the iconic silhouette of Bob, haloed by the moon and stars to emphasize our focus on science, is now paired with our name in bolder capital letters. In the former version, our name was all in lower caps and on three different lines. The new format helps emphasize our inherent connection to the legacy, while the new font and size helps differentiate us from from other entities in our branding space.

bmf-logoweb bmf_archives_logo_cmykdrbobsoundschool_logocmykOur new Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool logo

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, our hallmark educational project, deserved an updated sophisticated design that spoke to our service to thousands of children per year through the fun, stamp-like motif. The waveforms balancing each side relate our legacy, our inspiration, and the material we teach. The bolded caps and the silhouette tie it closely to our main Bob Moog Foundation logo.


Our new Bob Moog Foundation Archives logo

The Bob Moog Foundation maintains a robust and growing collection of archival materials that numbers nearly 10,000 items including schematics, photos, vintage catalogs, instruments, prototypes, articles, and much more. This, our first logo for our historic preservation project, signifies the importance of the intense, meticulous archival work that we do to preserve and share the items in our collection with historical, academic, and journalistic entities.

Thanks to Jenny Fares at SoundMind Creative for her consistently creative and excellent work in helping us communicate our compelling brand!