Auction Alert: First Minimoog Voyager Ever Sold To Benefit Bob Moog Foundation

Our new Board member, David Mash, has decided to auction his Signature Edition Minimoog Voyager, hand-built and signed by Bob Moog in August of 2002, to help support the Bob Moog Foundation. This instrument is a true collector’s item, and the auction, held by VEMIA (the Vintage Electronic Musical Instrument Auction) is at

This instrument, serial number 002, was the first Voyager ever sold (001 was held by Moog Music, Inc), and actually was the first sale ever by the current Moog Music, Inc. It was played in the September 2002 concert honoring Bob Moog as part of the celebrations for his Honorary Doctorate of Music at Berklee College of Music. Half of the proceeds of the sale will be donated to the Bob Moog Foundation.

Minimoog Voyager Serial #002, the first item ever sold from the current Moog Music, Inc.

Included with the instrument is:

  • Certificate of authenticity signed by Bob
  • Letter from Moog Music president Mike Adams detailing the instrument’s origin
  • Digital picture of Bob Moog, Mike Adams, and Moog engineers Steve Dunnington and August Worley with the instrument celebrating the shipment of the first product ever sold by the new Moog Music Inc.
  • Voyager CV Expander (VX-351) and cable to connect to the Minimoog Voyager
  • Moogerfooger CP-251 Control Processor joined to the VX351
  • BNC gooseneck lamp
  • Original manual
  • ATA Road case
  • Soft dust cover
The Voyager has been signed by Bob Moog
Certificate of Authenticity Signed by Bob Moog, August 27, 2002
CV Expander, CP-251 Control Processor, and soft case

The instrument is in excellent physical and working condition. It sounds terrific!

This is not meant to be a bargain hunter’s find, but a serious collector’s item, and half the proceeds will go to support the Bob Moog Foundation. Auction starts November 2, 2019 and ends on Saturday, November 9, 2019! Check it out here:

David Mash and Bob Moog

Many thanks to David for his effort to raise much needed funding for our projects, including the new Moogseum!