Ben Hovey Lends his Funky Horn to Mooged-Out At MoDaddy’s Bele Chere After Party

For any of you who attended “Enter the Mind of Moog: Bob’s Birthday Celebration” in May, you’ll remember one of the highlights of the evening being Ben Hovey waling on his trumpet while simultaneously playing the Little Phatty. No doubt about it, Ben is a mean funk player who puts his heart and soul in to every note.

Ben plays with “Wormholes, Trumpets, and Funk”. Fusing function and form, this sonic scientist, an undeniable gear-head, has daisy chained his musical styling as “electro-soul.” Building a funky foundation of break beats, erecting walls of sound with his synthesizers, and illuminating the spot with hot live brass, he makes House into a Home. But Ben doesn’t stop there. He makes the musical rounds and plays with the Asheville Horns, the Booty Band, the Josh Phillips Folk Festival and Kevens.

Like many of the musicians who lend the Bob Moog Foundation their mighty talents, Ben has a very deep connection to the Moog Legacy.

“I’ve felt an inspiring connection with Bob since first bringing home a Moog Rogue synthesizer around 10 years ago. In learning about him over the years I have come to deeply respect his kind and humble character, genius, and amazing sonic inventions. When he passed, I felt as if I lost a close family member, even though I had never met him. The day after, I went to the local music store to play the Minimoog Voyager for several hours in deep meditation and felt his guiding presence in the “voyage”. I have had many synchronistic experiences with Bob since then and followed an intuitive calling to move to Asheville, work at Moog Music, and help to carry on his legacy. It is an incredible honor to participate in the Bob Moog Foundation benefit concerts, and to share in the love and admiration with other artists who feel a similar bond. THANK YOU BOB!!”

You can follow Ben at Come check out his amazing skills at our Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s event tomorrow night, July 25th, from 10pm-2am. Tickets are $5 and all proceeds go to beneift the Bob Moog Foundations Moogseum effort. Give MoDaddy’s a call to reserve tickets 828-258-1550 or get tickets at the door at 77 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC.

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