BMF: Saving Lives

Moogfest volunteer recounts how BMF winter hat saved his noggin

The following is an account that we received from Chris Perryman, one of our many wonderful volunteers who gave generously of his time to help the BMF at Moogfest 2012.


If  you remember, before I left Saturday, I bought myself one of those delightful well-padded winter hats from the BMF merchandise table. Many hours later, at the end of a fulfilling night while on my helmet-less bike ride home, I rounded a curve under a grove of oak trees on a small Kenilworth street where a 100 renegade acorns came between my bicycle tires and the road surface. My memory is a bit fuzzy but apparently, I went down rather hard based on the shiner, bloody hands and wrists, and twisted handle bars with which I awoke. I did, however, make it home safely a few moments later. The next morning, after emptying my jacket pockets of leaves, twigs, and crushed acorn caps, I noticed that my brand new BMF toboggan had a heavy dirt smudge and small tear on the forehead. That’s when I realized that the hat was the first thing to hit the ground and, quite possibly, saved my life….or at least prevented a much more serious injury. So…
Thank you BMF! I love my hat!
My next volunteer gig, I call ‘merch table’ and I’m gonna sell those hats like no one has sold hats before.
To purchase our warm, iconic and potentially life saving hat, check out our online store.
To see why Chris was essential in our efforts to construct our MiniMoogseum, click here.
And be sure to visit Chris’s website, He’s an incredibly talented woodcraftsman.

BMF Volunteer Chris Perryman showing off his life saving hat.



















Chris, the day after Moogfest, pretty banged up after his bicycle fall.