The Bob Moog Foundation and The Elumenati are proud to announce their partnership to offer the Moogseum’s interactive, immersive How Electricity Becomes Sound exhibit to other museums, music festivals, and installations in the United States as a rental opportunity. The exhibit is housed in an Elumenati GeoDome Portal that surrounds visitors with dynamic imagery as they explore electrified sound in a custom-built Unity3D game, and is a favorite among Moogseum visitors.

All photos by Paul Lewis Anderson

Visitors are led through a six minute animated presentation that follows an electrical current through an oscillator, transistor, capacitor, and resistor, after which they can interact with an analog synth-style knob controller allowing them to manipulate the various elements to understand how they each effect sound waves.

The How Electricity Becomes Sound exhibit was in a stage of conceptualization for nearly a decade, coming into fruition with the realization of the Moogseum in downtown Asheville, NC in the Spring of 2019, and has been experienced by over 10,000 visitors from around the globe.

“Bringing the physics of how electricity turns into sound when traveling through a circuit board to life has been a dream of mine,” commented Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation and Moogseum. “While it can be a complex subject, the experience in the Moogseum’s GeoDome Portal conveys the information in a stunningly beautiful and accessible way. People of all walks of life can now gain a new appreciation for this fascinating phenomenon that was at the very heart of Bob Moog’s pioneering work. We are thrilled to have worked with The Elumenati to bring this concept to life.”

Visitors to the Moogseum in Asheville, NC, learn how electricity becomes sound with an immersive experience in an Elumenati GeoDome Portal.

“Partnering with Michelle and the Bob Moog Foundation to create this hands-on science learning experience was a dream project,” added Hilary McVicker, VP of Sales and Marketing at The Elumenati. “We’ve combined their deep knowledge of the physics of sound  with our understanding of immersive experience design, to tell this science story in a fun, cool, and memorable way. As a company partly based in Asheville, it was an honor to help bring a world-class exhibit to our local arts and culture scene, and we look forward to helping expand the reach of the Moogseum and Bob Moog’s legacy.”

For this exhibit, The Elumenati collaborated with Ivan Safrin, who they also worked with on Space Cruisers at the American Museum of Natural History, which was showcased in AMNH’s GeoDome Theater as well as at the Hayden Planetarium. Two of The Elumenati’s principals studied and worked with Bob Moog, whose insights provided inspiration for co-founder David McConville to pursue the idea of immersive visualization.

Organizations interested in licensing this immersive experience can contact The Elumenati at The dome will be available for rental periods of one, three, and six months, and The Elumenati tech team will set up and support each installation.

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