Bob Moog Interview with Clara Rockmore

March 09, 2019 marks Clara Rockmore’s 108th birthday. In celebration of that milestone of one of the most important, technically and musically gifted thereminists, we are sharing part of a transcript from an interview that Bob Moog conducted with Clara back in 1993, just five years before her passing.

Bob and Clara had been friends for decades at the writing of this interview. He and his first wife Shirliegh produced Clara’s 1977 album, Clara Rockmore, and Clara entrusted him with repairing her theremin, originally built for her by Léon Theremin in the 1930s (be sure to watch Theremin – An Electronic Odyssey if you don’t know the full connection between Léon and Clara). The two shared a deep mutual respect.

Happy Birthday, Clara, wherever in the ethers you may be.….