Bob Moog To Be Inducted Into Inventors Hall of Fame

Bob Moog Enters Inventors Hall of Fame

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The National Inventors Hall of Fame, founded in 1973, annually honors “the individuals who conceived, patented, and advanced the great technological achievements since the birth of our nation.” Bob Moog, was identified today on the’s website as the man behind Patent Number. 3,475,623, (Electronic High-Pass and Low-Pass Filters Employing the Base to Emitter Diode Ristor for Bi-Polar Transistors).

The organization cites the following:

“In 1964, Moog introduced the first complete voltage controlled modular synthesizer, an instrument capable of producing a wide variety of electronic sounds. The Moog synthesizer helped revolutionize the face of music by giving artists and composers the capability to create a brand new palette of sounds. Composer Wendy Carlos was one of the first to usher the synthesizer into the spotlight with the 1968 Switched-On Bach album. Since then, countless performers and composers have utilized the original Moog synthesizer and the Minimoog®, a smaller, portable version of the original instrument.”

“On behalf of the White House, I add my congratulations to this year’s inductees,” said John P. Holdren, President Obama’s science and technology adviser and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. “Your creativity, perseverance, and entrepreneurialism exemplify the American ‘can-do’ spirit.” Mr. Holdren’s quote was part of the press release issued by the organization.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame is the premier non-profit organization in America dedicated to honoring legendary inventors whose innovations and entrepreneurial endeavors have changed the world. Founded in 1973 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the National Council of Intellectual Property Law Association, the Hall of Fame will have 487 inductees with its 2013 induction.

This year’s induction ceremony will take place on May 1, 2013 at the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. The USPTO founded the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1973 and has been a long-standing partner since the organization’s incorporation as a separate, non-profit educational foundation.

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  1. JC Murphy

    I had a chance to study with Dr. Bob back in the early 80s at the University of North Carolina Asheville. What an amazing guy and mentor. His approach to teaching was like additive synthesis…start with a basic idea and build on to that. What a great honor for a great man.

  2. Dan Lewis

    I’m very happy to hear about this. Considering that Bob Moog has often been written about in history books for decades, this is appropriate and long overdue. Moog will always be the first name in electronic music.

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