Bob Moog’s Legacy in Photos: Reflect. Share. Listen. (Repeat)

August 21, 2010: Fifth Anniversary Tribute

New Photos From Bob’s Archives Speak to the Moog Legacy Itself


There are many iconic photos of Bob out there. Many feature the stoic inventor with intense gaze surrounded by drool-worthy gear. Today, we look past the familiar and delve three rarely seen photos of Bob, taken at a lecture or training session of some kind back in the early 1970s. We think they exemplify some qualities that make the Moog legacy what it is. Here you’ll see Bob in three natural poses beside one of his modular instruments. We have given the photos one word captions: Reflect, Share, Listen. This series of human and intellectual engagements, which Bob repeated countless times during his long 50 year career, helped shape Bob’s innovative work and subsequently the world of music technology as we know it  _________________________________________________________________________________________


Bob thought deeply about his work, spending endless hours in his workshop day in and day out. Even when he took time away, his mind was often on the circuits. He had many breakthroughs, some groundbreaking, some much less so. As a testament to his humility and open creative spirit, he tested his ideas and asked for feedback from colleagues and musicians. Then he listened. It is perhaps Bob’s ability to listen and incorporate what he learned from listening that made his instruments so beautifully effective. He was constantly asking for feedback and improving on his ideas and designs.

This is an ethic that we carry forward with the Bob Moog Foundation in our work. Whether it’s science and music education, historical preservation or planning for a future museum, we seriously consider each step, seek feedback from experienced advisers and we listen.



Tomorrow, August 21, 2010, will be the fifth anniversary of Bob’s passing and the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Bob Moog Foundation. In that time, we have made great progress considering our small size. That progress is due in part to assistance and feedback from scores of people who have lent their expertise to help move our efforts forward. To all of you — volunteers, advisors, supporters — thank you for being part of the unique process of carrying Bob Moog’s legacy forward.

To Bob, from all of us at the Bob Moog Foundation, and countless others around the world —

Your physical presence is greatly missed, but your spirit remains with us as a source of great inspiration.