Michelle Moog-Koussa Remembers Keith Emerson

A Massive Loss and a Monumental and Ethereal Connection   For three days I have struggled to write a fitting tribute to Keith Emerson. All I could muster was his name, staring starkly back at me from my unrelenting computer … Continued

Moogstress Blog: Lucky, liberating number seven

The Bob Moog Foundation Turns Seven The number seven is considered significant in religion, music, literature, and math. It is often thought of as a lucky, magical, and even sacred number. On August 21, 2013, the Bob Moog Foundation (BMF) … Continued

From Bob’s Desk: A Letter from the Executive Director

From Bob’s Desk: A Year End Letter from Michelle Moog-Koussa “Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool lessons are authentic, with real world relevancy that truly leave a lasting impact on our students.  I would love to see Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool continue to grow … Continued

From the Moogstress: Why Celebrate Bob?

May 23, 2012 — Bob Moog’s 78th Birthday Today Google announced a doodle dedicated to Bob Moog’s birthday. The interactive minisynth graphic was also published worldwide with the accompanying link being shared in 45 languages. In one fell swoop,  the … Continued

Genesis of the Bob Moog Foundation

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Bob Moog Foundation, we are sharing the first installation of the Moogstress blog.  Michelle Moog-Koussa will continue to write about the more personal side of her work with the Foundation throughout the year. … Continued

Our Inspired Moments 2010

Inspired. That word is embedded in the history, ethos and mission of the Bob Moog Foundation. Bob was inspired by the possibilities of unlimited sonic reality and by what he called “the network of ideas.” The convergence of those ideas and … Continued