Marc Doty explains the Bob Moog Foundation’s Timeline of Synthesis

Bob Moog did not invent the synthesizer. He did, however, synthesize the history of electronic music technology and combine that synthesis with his own vision, ingenuity, talent, and musicianship to create what became the ultimate realization of a device for synthesis.

Introducing BMF student blogger Bubba Ayoub: What is unique about Moog?

Something new! A guest post from our new BMF student guestblogger Christian “Bubba” Ayoub, a recording engineer, synth geek and Maker from the Detroit area of the northeastern U.S. We hope you enjoy his first guest post for the Bob Moog Foundation, an enthusiastic love letter to good synth design and great synth sound.

Thom Holmes: Indexing the Moog Modular from 1967-1970

The Moog Modular 1967–1970: An Index* Tabulating Leading Indicators of Early Moog Influence I want to look back to four years that changed electronic music history. The years were 1967 to 1970, the first years during which Bob Moog’s Modular … Continued