Celebrating one year anniversary of Bob Moog Tribute Library

Today marks the one year anniversary of Spectrasonics’ Bob Moog Tribute Library. This milestone has prompted me to reflect on the evolution of this sonic celebration and the resulting legacy.

For those of you who are not familiar, the Bob Moog Tribute Library is the brain-child of Spectrasonics President and Creative Director Eric Persing, but it is the result of the time, talents and generosity of over 50 people including the indefatigable team at Spectrasonics along with musicians and sound designers from all over the world. Featuring 700 sounds and 45 artists, this unique sound library was created to benefit the mission of the Bob Moog Foundation.

And benefit us it has. The funding provided by the library has allowed us to grow our staff a bit (which gets a rousing “Whoot, whoot, whoot!” from me as I was the sole employee of the Foundation for over 5 years) and to make tremendous strides with our educational project, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and the preservation of Bob’s archives. In these tremendously challenging economic times, it has given us the stability needed to forge our way into the future of igniting creativity at the intersection of music, science, history and innovation.

While all donations are a blessing, and the funding generated by the Bob Moog Tribute Library is no exception, this project leaves behind a wider legacy than the financial benefit. With the creation of the Bob Moog Tribute Library, Eric Persing took a stand: He believed in our mission and our projects, he believed in giving back to a legacy that birthed his own stunning career, but most of all, he believed in the power of music as a force to create community and effect change. With Eric’s vision as its guiding force, the BMTL offered unique opportunities to everyone involved. The Spectrasonics team deftly created the splendid medium, the multitude of legendary artists participated individually but reveled in the collective nature of their efforts, and the Spectrasonics customers were treated to an exciting and inspiring sonic universe. Virtually everyone was inspired to be involved in supporting Bob’s legacy — and each other.

I often wonder what my father would make of a massive and profound gesture such as the BMTL. It’s hard to know as he was so humble and often quiet and pensive. But when music technology is used to enhance personal expression and inspire creativity, and when music is leveraged to bring people together in community — that is the juncture at which Bob Moog’s soul resonates.

To everyone involved in the Bob Moog Tribute Library, we celebrate the legacy of your efforts and contributions. They will live on for years to come — through this Foundation and the people it serves.

With immense gratitude from all of us at the Bob Moog Foundation,




At Spectrasonics with Eric and Lorey Persing