Rock stars of the second grade: Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool pictures of grand finale day 2014

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Nov. 14 was Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool grand finale day for Madison County Schools, the semester-ending celebration where our students graduate after ten weeks of sound-science study using theremins, oscilloscopes, and custom notebooks modeled after the one Bob himself used.

Teachers, school officials, and families watched our second-grade (Year 3, friends in England and Australia) graduates share what they learned via original songs about sound waves, a game show where contestants ID sounds as noises or tones, and a Bob Moog mini-bio sung to the tune of The Addams Family.

Our custom science curriculum enriches the education of many high-need students in this rural county, and even lets them perform on the stage of The Orange Peel, the local venue named one of the top five rock clubs in the nation by Rolling Stone.

We love turning our kids loose on a stage that has also held The Beastie Boys, Lauryn Hill and Bob Dylan. (Check out its Wikipedia entry here.Learn more about Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool here.

Sonic inspiration and science education. This is what we do.

Mars Hill Elementary students singing about different parts of the ear. A section of the Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool curriculum teaches about the ear, how it works, and how we hear.
Just after singing an original song about “Dr. Bob” and his inventions.
Triangle wave, saw-tooth wave…
You’re never too young to learn about waveforms.
We loved this segment created by the students and their teacher: a game show where students must tell if a sound is a noise or a tone.
Was that sound a noise or a tone? This second-grader knows.
Images of the cochlea and workings of the ear are part of a song about the mechanics of hearing. Sound science!
Rock stars of the second grade.
Anyone can be a scientist: These students are preparing to perform a song about different stages in Dr. Bob’s life and career.
Star quality: a young learner tells the audience about waveforms.
More ear anatomy with these elementary school students.
Brush Creek Elementary students hold a Bob Moog Foundation Archives photo of a very young Bob Moog in his Cub Scout uniform. Bob was about their age in this photo.




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