Disco Donnie Presents Forms Strategic Partnership with Bob Moog Foundation

Paying homage to EDM’s roots while giving wings to its future, super-promoter Disco Donnie Presents supports the Bob Moog Foundation and urges ticket-holders to do the same

North AScreen shot 2013-05-21 at 9.17.38 AMmerican electronic music promoter Disco Donnie Presents (DDP) and the Bob Moog Foundation announce a strategic partnership to further the Foundation’s mission to ignite creativity in through the intersection of music, science, history, and innovation.

The BMF recently received a $10,000 donation from DDP to assist with its innovative science and music education outreach program, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool (DBSS). A donation portal on Disco Donnie Presents ticket pages to help raise additional support was also created to help raise funding for the educational initiative.

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Donation portal on DDP ticket portal, encouraging EDM fans to pay homage to their roots by inspiring the future.


The $10,000 donation was provided from the proceeds of Houston based Halloween electronic music festival, Something Wicked, a partnership between Disco Donnie Presents and Houston promoter Nightculture Events.

In a show of additional support for the Foundation and its projects, Disco Donnie Presents will match all fan donations received through the donation portal, doubling the amount of support given by the community.

“We’re thrilled to have found a partner in The Bob Moog Foundation — a foundation that shares the same values in the importance of education and creativity in the areas of music, math, and science. The strategic partnership paves the way for online donations from our customers, but also the continued support of our company,” Disco Donnie Presents CEO Donnie Estopinal said.

The Foundation sees the partnership as a perfect fit for both organizations.

“Donnie’s prominence within the EDM community and his interests in the area of innovative education that integrates music and science make the partnership a natural fit. We look forward to cultivating our strategic partnership with DDP to work together to ignite creativity in children’s lives through Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool,” said Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation. She continues, “We are especially grateful that DDP has agreed to match all donations made through the ticket donation portals. This extra show of support will provide added incentive for concert-goers to pay tribute to their musical roots while inspiring the future through supporting the Bob Moog Foundation”.

The Foundation is in at a pivotal juncture of growth with Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool. The acclaimed program is centered in western North Carolina, but the Foundation hopes to grow it regionally and nationally in the next three to five years. The growth of the program costs $20 per student or $500 per classroom.

The idea for a strategic partnership first came about when a mutual friend introduced Moog-Koussa and Estopinal at the EDMbiz conference in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Estopinal’s Disco Donnie Presents, both on its own and through partnerships, produces over 1,000 live events, festivals and club shows around the US annually. Ticket buyers for every show will now have the ability to donate to the Foundation. The Foundation and DDP hope the national focus and number of events will help spread the word and raise financial support.

“One of the reasons I’m excited about the strategic partnership is that fan ticketing donations are a good way for the EDM community to start giving back, said Estopinal. Historically, EDM fans haven’t really been known for philanthropy, and I’m hoping that’s a perception we can all change together. I’m pleased to offer to match all donations that are made through the ticketing portal to enhance everybody’s contributions to this important cause

With school music and arts program cuts all across the country and U.S. students lagging behind students in other countries in the areas of science and math, the Bob Moog Foundation seeks to make an immediate impact in the lives of children through Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool.

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool (DBSS) is a 10 week curriculum which engages 2nd grade children in the science of sound through the magic of music.  The curriculum explores such basic physics of vibrations, waveforms, amplitude, and pitch. Both acoustic and electronic musical instruments are used to demonstrate concepts, as well as custom designed educational materials developed by our DBSS team of educators and technologists. The curriculum is currently in 32 schools in Western North Carolina. The Foundation’s goal is to grow the program regionally and nationally in the years ahead.

For more information about the Bob Moog Foundation and ways you can help, please visit: www.moogfoundation.org. Donations of any size can also be mailed to: Bob Moog Foundation, P.O. Box 8136, Asheville, NC 28814.

Additional information on Disco Donnie Presents and Dr. Bob’s Soundschool is available at:



Disco Donnie Presents (DDP) is an award-winning and recognized leader in electronic dance music event production, generating over 1,000 live events, arena shows and outdoor festivals annually. DDP, both on its own and through partnership, develops innovative, creative and strategic business opportunities in live entertainment. For more information, please visit www.discodonniepresents.com

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NightCulture, Inc. (NGHT.OB), “Concerts that Change Your Life”, is a premier producer of live concerts and events in the following U.S. markets: Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Oklahoma City.

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