Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool Expansion


Bob Moog Foundation Inspiring 1500 Children Locally Through Science, Music, and Technology, With Plans to Grow Nationally

The Bob Moog Foundation is proud to announce the expansion of its hallmark science education initiative, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool. The program will now serve over 54 classrooms and 1,200 students in Buncombe County Schools, Western North Carolina’s largest school district. That figure nearly triples Buncombe County’s commitment to the innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)-based program as compared to previous years.


A Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool second grade student and her classmates create sounds of various pitches and loudness, and record their findings in their science notebooks.

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool is a 10-week curriculum that meets and exceeds both state and national standards while offering second-grade children  innovative, experiential learning about the science of sound through music and technology. Bob Moog’s legacy as an electronic music pioneer is interwoven throughout the program in which children learn about scientific methodology, vibrations, sound waves, parameters of sound, and timbre through such mediums as theremins and oscilloscopes.


Candie Sellers, Director of Elementary Education at Buncombe County Schools remarks, “Our district is proud to be offering Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool to over a thousand of our young students. We recognize the importance of innovative science education in preparing children to face challenges present in our world today, and through Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, this is strengthened by the integrative nature of the curriculum. We are fortunate to have the Bob Moog Foundation carrying on Bob Moog’s legacy through the children of Western North Carolina.”

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool is also taught in all 20 second-grade classrooms in Asheville City Schools, serving 450 children through 4,500 lessons. This year marks the Foundation’s fifth year of bringing Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool to Western North Carolina. Over 5,000 students have been served during that time and over 125 teachers trained.


A Buncombe County Schools teacher experiences the theremin for the first time during a recent Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool teacher training. Theremins are paired with oscilloscopes as a means of teaching children about pitch and loudness.

The Foundation plans to grow Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool nationwide and is currently in discussions with several school districts in Southern California about expanding the innovative science program to substantial underserved populations in that area.