Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool in action!

Wiggles, science notebooks, tuning forks, theremins and more

Our pilot program of Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool is in full swing at eight Asheville City Schools 2nd grade classrooms! This nine week curriculum introduces the physics of sound through interactive and intuitive learning interfaces; it’s brimming with information that is conveyed in fun and engaging ways.

One of the second grade teachers from Hall Fletcher Elementary,  Erica Reardon, has been writing mini-blogs about each lesson of Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool. Check out her links below to get an inside look at what creativity and innovation the kids are being exposed to through the curriculum:

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool Kickoff event

Introduction to SoundSchool (lesson 1)

Discovery stations (lesson 2)

Tuning fork fun (lesson 3)

Invisible wiggles (lesson 4)

Where do the wiggles go? (lesson 5)

Wiggles in the wire (lesson 6)

We saw the wiggles! (lesson 7)


Want to learn more?

To see a TV segment of Mrs. Reardon’s fabulous second graders in action, click on this link to the WLOS “Never Stop Learning” segment.

Read this great article about the power and impact of Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool.

We’ll be issuing an update on the results of the pilot program in the late spring or early summer. Please check back to read about our progress!








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