Dr. Bob’s Workshop Inspires Cornelius Elementary


Sonic exploration sparks curiosity at Houston science and math school

In late October 2013, the Bob Moog Foundation traveled to Houston, Texas to present a Dr. Bob’s Workshop experience to Cornelius Elementary, the math, science, and technology magnet schools in the Houston school system. The experience was made possible through a donation by our strategic partner, Disco Donnie Presents and their Halloween based festival, Something Wicked.

Photo credits: Disco Donnie Presents/Something Wicked/Nightculture

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-1


During the one day experience, ten classes of fourth grade students explored the history and impact of the theremin and synthesizer, and experienced the instruments first hand.

Below, Michelle Moog-Koussa gets the kids thinking about the expansive sonic landscape before they play the instruments.

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-20

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-2

The theremins, played without touching, provide an engaging interface to begin discussions about pitch and amplitude.

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk2-8

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk2-1

Synthesizers allow for unfettered sonic exploration.

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk2-2

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk2-21

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk2-3

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-4

BMF Archive and Education Specialist, Marc Doty, explains the fundamentals of synthesis

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-7

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-8

The Workshop provides an environment where students feed off of each other’s curiosity

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-18

Hearing the definition of high pitch, as Bob looks on

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-9

Connecting to something new and amazing

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-16

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-19

Light bulb moments are our specialty

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-25

In the afternoon, Marc Doty gave a 40 minute presentation on the science of sound to over 300 kids.

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-35

JGBajsel - Moog - 5DMk3-37

We owe a world of thanks to the staff at Cornelius Elementary (left) for collaborating with us on this project and to Disco Donnie Presents for the support that made it possible. Evan Bailey from DDP is pictured here between Michelle and Marc.

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