From the Moogstress: Why Celebrate Bob?

May 23, 2012 — Bob Moog’s 78th Birthday Today Google announced a doodle dedicated to Bob Moog’s birthday. The interactive minisynth graphic was also published worldwide with the accompanying link being shared in 45 languages. In one fell swoop,  the world will celebrate Bob’s birthday with unprecedented continuity; the realm of synthesis made accessible to tens of millions of people, international attention turned to the indelible nature of a pioneering legacy.

This expansive recognition is an honor.  We are grateful to the people at Google for acknowledging the importance of the legacy that the Bob Moog Foundation works tirelessly to carry forth to future generations. Beyond the acknowledgement and recognition, what is the importance of Bob’s birthday for the worldwide community?

Bob dedicated his life and career to poking his soldering iron around in the sonic universe and unleashing aural possibilities not previously available to musicians. In their quest to create music with new found sounds, the musicians became sonic explorers themselves. The audiences were then the beneficiaries of the convergence of Bob’s ingenuity and the musician’s pioneering efforts.

For the past two generations, synthesis has created sonic explorers of all kinds — musicians, fans, engineers and more. Marking the birth of this remarkable pioneer is an homage to the spark that Bob ignited, and continues to ignite. In our own work, it  is manifested in the children we inspire through Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool.  Around the world that is manifested through Moog Music and other synth manufacturers who are inspired by Bob’s work, and, as always, by the global community of musicians and fans. But today in particular, those sparks are fanned into embers as millions of people experience a little piece of Bob through the Moog Doodle while unleashing a bit of their own creativity.

That is it, isn’t it? Bob Moog’s life’s work is an invitation for people to express themselves with a new palette of sonic possibilities. As a famous musician recently said to me “Bob kicked the door down and we just walked through it”.  Bob Moog’s work is a portal to sonic discovery and a catalyst for creativity.  That is certainly a life worth celebrating.