Historical Signed Images of Larry Fast Offered with Donation

Peter Gabriel Era Photos and Early Music of Pioneering Synthesist Gift with Foundation Support

Larry Fast 1

One of the two signed, numbered photos of Larry Fast offered for $100 donation.


We are honored to offer an exclusive donation incentive featuring legendary synthesizer pioneer Larry Fast. Bob Moog Foundation supporters who make a $100 donation or more  will receive two signed and numbered photos of Fast in concert with Peter Gabriel in 1977, as well as a copy of his second Synergy album, Sequencer. Quantities of the photos/music set are limited.


All donations support the Foundation’s educational and historic preservation initiatives, and can be made through its donation portal: here.

The photos were generously donated by concert photographer Brad Owen. Only 50 sets of the signed and numbered photos exist.

Donate and receive your set as a gift here.

The photos, exclusive to the Bob Moog Foundation, capture Fast during the first Peter Gabriel solo tour during the winter and spring of 1977. He’s surrounded by a bay of synthesizers and other equipment, including, clockwise from lower left: Micromoog, Oberheim S-2 digital sequencer with CV and Trigger switching matrix, Moog Model 15 sitting on top of two additional racks of assorted Moog modules, 360 Systems Pitch Shifter (used to process Peter’s voice), Oberheim SEM, 2 Oberheim mini-sequencers, Minimoog, Moog Keyboard Controller on top of Polymoog, Yamaha 8×2 mixer (from the back).

The two vintage photos evoke a period feel and are bathed in purple and red hues from the stage lighting.

Larry Fast 2

The second of two photos of pioneering synthesist Larry Fast offered with a $100 donation


“It is an honor to have counted Bob Moog as a long-time friend,” recounts Fast. “I used his instruments extensively throughout my musical career. Their design and sound served as an inspiration for my work.”

An American keyboard player, composer, producer, and electronic pioneer, Larry Fast has worked with a wide range of artists, including Peter Gabriel, Nektar, and Tony Levin. As a solo artist, he records under the name Synergy, releasing nine highly acclaimed albums between 1975 and 1987, beginning with the groundbreaking Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra.

Bob Moog once said of Fast’s work,

Synergy is one of the best sounding synthesizer albums I have ever encountered. It captures the essence of rock through dazzling Minimoog artistry.”


“I am proud to lend support to the Bob Moog Foundation and their important work at the intersection of science and music,” Fast adds.  “It is my sincere pleasure to contribute through this unique offering to enable them continue to inspire people through Bob’s legacy.”

More information about Fast’s work can be found on his website: http://synergy-emusic.com.

High definition audiophile recordings of his first three albums can be found on HDtracks.com:

•       http://www.hdtracks.com/electronic-realizations-for-rock-orchestra-134018

•      http://www.hdtracks.com/sequencer-134020

•      http://www.hdtracks.com/cords-134022

Fast has been a long-time supporter of the Bob Moog Foundation, having contributed his unique sound design style to Spectrasonics’ Bob Moog Tribute Library and more recently to MOTU’s Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank. His artist demonstration of the Soundbank, Spheroid, can be heard here.