Jam Cruise 2015 in photos: sharing Bob’s legacy in Honduras and at sea

On board the Divina and teaching in Honduras, Bob’s legacy sailed the seas on Jam Cruise 2015.

Music is for everyone, and so is sound science education, music technology, and Bob’s indelible legacy. Aboard Jam Cruise 2015 aboard the MSC Divina and in Roatan, Honduras, we shared Bob’s legacy with a traveling version of Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, our 10-week science curriculum and flagship educational offering.

We also offered two workshops aboard Divina, including one with an all-star set of musicians including Pretty Lights. Learn more about it here. 

Bob’s legacy is alive and traveling, everywhere we go.

Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool in Honduras


Foundation volunteer Jason Pisano and some kids tuning in to Bob’s legacy.


It makes THAT sound? Expressions like this are why we do what we do.


Kids experiencing the theremin, probably for the first time. Those faces!


Kids in Honduras learn about sound science and how we experience sound using custom SoundSchool educational materials.



Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool–in Honduras!

Sharing Bob’s legacy aboard the Divina


Bob Moog Foundation at sea! Photo: Brad Hodge.


Even Divina staff got into the act with the Moog Voyager. Our ED Michelle Moog-Koussa on the left.

IMG_2165 (1)

A very special guest explores a Moog Voyager! It’s none other than Dr. Lonnie Smith, who stayed and played.


Foundation volunteer Ben Hovey (center) demonstrates. Photo: Brad Hodge.


Exploring the theremin onboard MSC Divina. Photo: Brad Hodge.


Surfing Soundwaves: exploring music and technology with Pretty Lights & some all-star guests


Pretty Lights at our Surfing Soundwaves workshop. Bob is hanging out with us, too. Photo: Brad Hodge.


Ben Hovey and crew conducting the Surfing Soundwaves workshop. Photo: Brad Hodge.


Workshop facilitator Ben Hovey at the Surfing Soundwaves workshop aboard the Divina, exploring the process of live sampling and cutting-edge techniques used to create and perform music. Photo: Brad Hodge.


Borahm Lee of Break Science. Photo: Brad Hodge.


Our executive director Michelle Moog-Koussa takes the stage during our Surfing Soundwaves workshop.


Our team members for Jam Cruise 2015: L-R, musician and workshop facilitator Ben Hovey; Foundation Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa; rock star volunteer Jason Pisano; sound therapist and Moog technologist August Worley.

2014 marked our second year sharing Bob’s legacy at sea. Check out our 2013 adventures here, in Falmouth Jamaica.