macProVideo Blog Series Part One: The Synthesis of Synthesis

The Synthesis of Synthesis with Marc Doty187423_504216109_4746861_n

“The Synthesis of Synthesis” is the introductory tutorial of “The Foundation of Synthesis.”  In it, Marc Doty lays the foundation for the development of synthesizers by describing a clear historical timeline for the development of synthesis from 1900 through 1970.  Focusing on the initial instances of components of the synthesizer, the inventors who implemented them, and cultural impetus, Marc connects the dots to show how the development of synthesis was itself a synthesis of ideas, technological development, ingenuity, art, science, motivated inventors and engineers, and music history.  This history is portrayed in order to lend a firm understanding of the technology with which synthesis occurs and the concepts that inspired it.

Videos included:

1. The Synthesis of Synthesis

2.   Sound

3.  The Novachord

4. The Telharmonium

5.  The Ondes Martenot

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