Marc Doty Returns for Six-Month Residency

BMF taps Marc Doty’s synth education and electronic-music history chops to push projects forward

Marc Doty

When people in the synth community want to brush up on their  knowledge of a range of  iconic and esoteric vintage synthesizers, many of them turn to Marc Doty’s Automatic Gainsay YouTube Channel. Over a period of five years, Marc has posted 100-plus educational videos in which he teaches the audience about the characteristics of a variety of vintage synthesizers. His enthusiasm, passion, and dedication to the functionality and sonic integrity of these instruments is a compelling part of every video, as is the clarity with which he presents the subject matter at hand. Marc’s videos are not only educational assets to synth geeks everywhere, but they touch and inspire millions of  viewers around the world. From his most-watched Demonstration of the Moog Minimoog with over 800,000 views to his exploration of the more esoteric Wersi Bass Synthesizer with over 300,000 views,  Marc’s teaching prowess has been enjoyed by a total of nearly 4 million viewers.

When the Bob Moog Foundation needed a graphics designer with a deep knowledge of synthesis to assist our Dr. Bob’s  SoundSchool curriculum team this summer, Marc was an obvious choice. He joined our staff for a six week (mid July through end of August) period as our Artist-In-Residence. This position blended his graphics, educational and history expertise. It didn’t take long before Marc became an indispensable member of our team, filling the roll of graphics artist,  education and history consultant, videographer, video editor and more.

You can read the announcement of  that residency here:

and a few of Marc’s blogs from  his time with the BMF here:

BMF Historian Brian Kehew and Marc Doty considering a special piece from the archives

Shortly after Marc returned home to Washington State we reached out and invited him to return, this time for a six month period, as our Archive and Education Specialist. We are delighted to announce that he accepted the position, which he refers to as his “dream job” and will begin work in this capacity on October 5th. This time around Marc will be working on a special project that will bring the education and history parts of our mission together in an exciting, interactive platform that we will be able to share with all of you.  Stay tuned for more about that near the end of the year.

We welcome Marc Doty to our team here in Asheville, NC and we are grateful to have someone with such diverse and mission-relevant talents helping us push our projects into the future.

Keep an eye out for Marc’s future blogs. He’ll have a lot to share!