Moog-Inspired Art Auctioned on eBay

The Bob Moog Foundation Launches Auction of Moog-Inspired Art

Asheville Area Artists Donate Moog-inspired Art to Pay Tribute and Raise Funding

The Bob Moog Foundation  announces the launch of six eBay auctions featuring visual art inspired by the legacy of Bob Moog. The link to the auctions can be found  here.

The eBay auctions will run for 7 days, and will end during the Foundation’s spring fundraiser, Moogus Operandi, to be held on May 27th from 7-11pm at the Orange Peel in Asheville. The event will  feature local musicians performing with a virtuoso synthesist from California, Erik Norlander, and  a legendary Moog modular synthesizer from 1967, the release of Moog Filtered Ale from Asheville Brewing Company, and a MoogLab interactive exhibit. Those who attend the event will have the opportunity to see the Moog-inspired art in person, as well as to bid on the items via computer workstations provided by City Mac. The unique format of the auction gives the participating artists an opportunity to showcase their work to an international audience of Moog enthusiasts. Featured items range from large scale paintings to smaller pen and ink designs and mini-synth sculptures.

All proceeds from the auctions and the event will go to benefit the projects of the Bob Moog Foundation, which is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Through this opportunity artists are given a chance to become part of the Bob Moog Foundation’s effort to bring innovative science and music programs into the schools and to create a Moogseum in Asheville, NC.

Many thanks to all of the participating artists who are donated their works of art to help us further our mission. It’s wonderful to see visual artists who are inspired by the intersection of music, technology, innovation and creativity that Bob Moog represents. We love seeing this creativity help us raise funding to teach science and music in the schools!
The artists participating in the auction include:

Gabriel Shaffer –

Gabriel Shaffer is a visionary artist who is internationally recognized for is attention to detail, vibrant color palette and intriguing concept. 
Auction Link:

Phil Cheney –

Phil Cheney is a musician and an artist who is known for his whimsical, eclectic designs. He designed the label for the Foundation’s Moog Filtered Ale, which was based on the image that is being auctioned.
Auction Link:

Dustin Spagnola –

Dustin’s striking image of Bob Moog is inspired by the contemporary urban landscape. His images reference the texture, depth, and color of structures in decay and the visual language of graffiti.
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ArtYes / Marie Knight –

Marie Knight combines flattened, distorted, embellished, and scaled-up representations of all manner of life forms with scaled-down signmaking to make arresting and occasionally nerdy graphic art.
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Recently referred to as the “synth whisperer” by Mess and Noise magazine, Australian Seja Vogel is probably better known as a musician more than anything else. However her recent solo album features a cover of handmade felt synthesizers created by Vogel.   She is the only artist represented in the auction who does not call Asheville home.  Her donation of two felt synths to the foundation was the inspiration for the art auction.
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