Moog Siren Tara Busch donates EP; launches re-mix contest

Download beautiful synth and vocal laden-music and let your remixing talents shine! It all benefits the BMF!


We are honored to announce that synthesizer and vocal sensation Tara Busch has donated a three-song EP to support our mission of igniting the innovator inside us all. The ethereal electronica EP, Rocket Wife, created specifically for and donated to the Bob Moog Foundation, is available for download at at the following link:

In conjunction with the release of the EP, Busch and the Foundation have issued a remix contest using the 17 stem tracks from the title track of the EP, Rocket Wife. The stem tracks are available for download at:

The remix contest begins today and ends at midnight on October 15, 2011. All submissions should be uploaded to the “Rocket Wife” group on SoundCloud via this link:

The Bob Moog Foundation will announce three winners on November 10, 2011. The winners will have their remix posted on the BMF Bandcamp site where it will be available for sale, with proceeds benefiting the Foundation. The grand prize winner will receive a framed limited-edition archival image of Bob Moog, a selection of BMF merchandise, and the opportunity to collaborate virtually with Busch on a track where she will supply vocals and synth soundscapes.

Tara Busch is an American producer/musician/remixer and score composer. She is influenced by the rich, complex harmonies of Brian Wilson, BBC Radiophonic Workshop diva Dellia Derbyshire, and the innovations and futurist attitudes of electronic music pioneer Bob Moog. She is known for her richly textured, vocally orchestral electronica, and her psychedelic, ethereal remixes. Tara maintains a wildly successful blog, Analogsuicide.

Tara reflects, “This is a homage not only to Bob Moog and his legacy, but to the effect the synthesizer had on my music, creativity, and life. What Bob did, most famously with the Minimoog, was to make the groundbreaking world of synthesis available to everybody, not just for the privileged few.

Before my discovery of the synthesizer (the Minimoog Model D, to be exact), I was a singer-songwriter who stood at the front of the stage and at the back of the studio, controlled by an ever increasing list a geeky, tech whiz producers. Wonderful that many of these people where, I wanted to collaborate with them by choice, not necessity. I longed to know what they knew and to be able to control my music completely. The synthesizer was the gateway to this transformation – it “rewired” my entire outlook and it inspired me to embrace all technology….
….Which brings me to why we are releasing this benefit EP and the remix stems for the Bob Moog Foundation.
The Bob Moog Foundation aspires to bring Moog instruments into schools as a way of teaching children science through synthesis (known as Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool), a cause that is very dear to my heart.
If, in 1980, I had wandered into my 2nd grade music class in Simsbury, Connecticut to find the magical Minimoog Model D gazing at me, I firmly believe the world would have been a different place for me. An early introduction to synthesis would have changed everything – it would have given me a much needed grasp on how to merge the wild world of music with the logic and beauty of science, shedding a warm light on the mystery and intimidation.

Though grateful for my voice and writing ability, I think having a more embracing attitude towards merging the creative and scientific worlds when I was a child would have been beneficial; not just for my music, but also for my development in general. I think Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool will help kids to develop open, bright, embracing and creative minds.

I’m excited and inspired by their quest to educate children and adults alike about ‘the intersection of science & music’ and hopefully this EP will help introduce more people to the Bob Moog Foundation. One hundred percent of the profits from the EP and the remix stems will be donated to the Bob Moog Foundation.”

About the songs:

1) Rocket Wife: A bombastic, orchestral- electronic theme written from the perspective of a wife of a doomed astronaut about to embark on what will be his final flight. I’m a big fan of juxtaposing dark, melancholic subject matter with big, flourishing melodies, M-Tron Pro Mellotron strings and rich,1930’s Disney- style backing vocals. I used my Minimoog Voyager extensively for sound effects and also prominently featured the Moogerfooger Ring Modulator. I used the Moogerfooger Analog Delay on one f the lead vocal tracks, and backing vocals were filtered through the Moogerfooger MF 101.
2) Calendura: Simultaneously childlike and threatening, this song tells the story of a woman overcome with jealousy, beside herself at the thought of losing her love to a far more desirable woman named “Calendura”. The basis the song relies on my Casio SK! and Omnichord OM 27 spitting out a drum loops into the Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Lo Pass Filter & Analog Delay. These were edited & “sewn together” with a big kick courtesy of Native Instruments’ Battery 3. Also featured is the M-Tron Pro Mellotron and shades of Moog Voyager bass pushed through the Moogerfooger Freq Box at the very end.
3) Motorcrash – I felt this song was appropriate to add as it features my very first adventure using Moog gear in a recording that I created on my own. Dating back to 2006, I used my newly acquired Fender Rhodes to pin down the main melody & popped it through my Moogerfooger 12 stage phaser. Excitement mounted as I discovered how fantastic my Etehrwave Theremin sounded through the MF 103 and into the MF 104…it was with this song, I became curious and hungry to constantly reinvent and “make new sounds”. My bandmate, Mike Walters popped in later to add beautiful swoops on his Minimoog Model D and his widely beloved invention, the Melloman (the Mellotron make with Sony Walkmans).