Mooged Out Volume 2: Highlights and Studio Notes

Mooged Out Asheville, Volume 2 features 14 Asheville-based recording artists, each contributing a track to benefit the Bob Moog Foundation. Spanning musical styles ranging from rock and hip-hop to dubstep and avant electronica, the album is a dynamic showcase for the wealth of sounds inspired by Bob Moog’s contributions to modern music. The album is not strictly electronic music, but an expression of the wider pool of creativity that Bob touched.

Compiled and produced by BMF volunteer Dave Hamilton, who also produced the first volume, the CD is dedicated to Meg Lauzon, who was a friend to the Foundation and to the Asheville music community. The opening track features BMF Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa reading a description of Bob’s one-of-a-kind invention, the Multiple-Touch-Sensitive Keyboard, accompanied by music from the duo Blinding Standstill. Additional tracks were contributed by the West African-influenced Toubab Krewe (one of Bob’s favorite bands), as well as acts such as Stephaniesid, Telepath, and 15-year-old phenom Summit Jaffe, also known as Numatik.

Mastering for the album was contributed by Seva at Soundcurrent Mastering, Knoxville, TN.

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Tired – Eymarel

“Eymarel feels extremely grateful and privileged to be part of the mission to spread Bog Moog’s legacy. Together we can continue to explore and spread the power of electronic sound and music. We take pride in creating music and expressing emotion with some of the best gear on the market designed by one of the greatest synthesizer pioneers — Bob MOOG!”

– Mary Frances and Lee Allen, Eymarel

Tired - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Song Unsung – Blinding Standstill [Feat. Michelle Moog-Koussa]

Inspired by the innovations of Bob Moog and the memory of Meg Lauzon, this track features Bob Moog Foundation Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa’s musical debut. Michelle is reading from Bob’s description of the Multiple Touch Sensitive Keyboard, a project that was of great importance to Bob but is not as widely known as his other inventions. The numbers she is reading are the patents for the keyboard. This track was also featured in our video highlighting the MoogLab interactive program.

Song Unsung (feat. Michelle Moog-Koussa) - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Outta My Head – Jeff Knorr and the AVL Soul Orchestra

Jeff Knorr – Moog Voyager (Bass and Lead)
Lee Allen – Drums
Mary Frances – Electric Piano
Derrick Johnston– Trombone
Ben Hovey – Trumpet, Moog Voyager
Jason Daniello – Moog Guitar

Track notes from Dave Hamilton, producer:

Jeff Knorr is a multi-talented keyboard player, the owner of CollapseAble Studios, and the composer of “Outta My Head.” He is also a dynamic collaborator who was happy to assemble an all star funk band of Asheville musicians to record a track live at the Orange Peel as part of the entertainment for Bob Moog’s 75th Birthday celebration on May 21, 2009. A unique aspect of this live recording was that the band members were not all playing together on stage at the same time. They each took turns recording their parts in layers to help demonstrate the effects of Moog gear on song structure.

After the initial tracking was complete, I took the song to Echo Mountain Recording Studio to treat it with Moogerfooger filter, phaser, and delay before the final mixdown.

Outta My Head - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2


Raindancer – Chalwa

Chalwa is an Asheville based reggae band whose track blurs the lines between rock and reggae with a distinctly Mooged-out sound.
Raindancer - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Amends – Jar-E

The freedom and creativity that flows from a session using Moog equipment is unparalleled. I am glad for the opportunity to be a small part of the legacy left by such a gifted and giving man as Bob Moog.”

-John Reid, Jar-E

Amends - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Holy Grail – Toubab Krewe

Track notes from Dave Hamilton, producer:

Toubab Krewe has a special connection to the Bob Moog legacy. In the early part of their career, their debut CD was given to Bob when he was near the end of his life. He found himself listening to it late one evening while being kept awake by his medical treatments. The impressive musicianship of the West African-influenced dance music energized and inspired him.

When Toubab Krewe entered Echo Mountain Recording Studio to record their second work (TK2), the Bob Moog Foundation loaned the band an assortment of Moog gear to use in the recording. They found themselves pushing sonic boundaries and feeling inspired as a result. “Holy Grail” is one of the songs resulting from this experimentation.

Holy Grail - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Freedom – Telepath [feat. Williamtell]

Keyboardist/producer Michael Christie brings an arsenal of samples—horn lines, rhythm guitars, Indian and Arabic musicians and vocalists – and lays them over deep groove drumming and dark, reggae-infused basslines. The result is a multi-layered journey of sound that can transport listeners from a remote village in Pakistan, to a dub studio in 1970s Jamaica, to a fat Philly hip-hop groove. His track for Mooged Out Volume 2 combines many of these elements and features a soulful vocal track.

Freedom (feat. Williamtell) - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Wonderworld (feat. Sidney Barnes) – The Secret B-Sides

“Bob Moog opened the way for electronic music technologies to reach everyday people.  The Bob Moog Foundation continues his work by expanding greater access to the future tools of human expression.”

-Juan Holladay, the Secret B-Sides

Wonderworld (feat. Sidney Barnes) - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2




Me and Dog – Stephaniesid

National touring artist Stephanie Morgan added her characteristic charm to MOv2 with her track, “Me and Dog.” The song starts off sweetly and builds to a dynamic climax.

Me And Dog - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Bring the Walls – The Adapters

Mike Rhodes – Drums
Jay Sanders – Bass
Jon Paul Hess – Electric Piano
Chris Tanfield – Rhythm Guitar and Theremin
Jason Daniello – Moog Guitar
Molly Kummerle – Lead Vocals

Track notes from Dave Hamilton, producer:

The Adapters is the name associated with collaborative efforts between Molly Kummerle and myself for the benefit of the Bob Moog Foundation. The musical group draws from a rotating cast of Foundation volunteers. “Bring the Walls” was composed as a group effort by Dave, Molly, thereminist Chris Tanfield, and songwriter Joe Szabo. It was the first of four songs recorded live at Bob Moog’s 75th birthday celebration on May 21, 2009.

After equipping the Orange Peel’s stage with a portable recording rig, the evening began with Mike and Jay laying down a slow and solid rhythm track. Following their exit from the stage, Jon Paul sat down at the Wurlitzer electric piano while Chris plugged in his electric guitar to lay down the song’s melodic framework. The recording rig captured their performances as the recently finished rhythm track played through the house sound system. This live overdubbing process was then repeated for the theremin and Moog Guitar until the musicians had constructed a full instrumental track. As the celebration continued, Molly stepped onto the stage to record lyrics inspired by The Adapters’ mutual respect for Bob Moog’s work.

After the event, the tracks were taken to Echo Mountain Recording Studio for vocal overdubs, Moogerfooger application, and final mixing.

Bring the Walls - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Sugar Mama – Josh Blake’s Jukebox

Their track, “Turn it Around” was a popular addition to Mooged Out Volume 1, and Josh Blake’s Jukebox is back on Volume 2 with an upbeat and soulful tune that is sure to get you groovin’. They are composed of some of Asheville’s finest musicians.  The drummer Patrick Thomas and guitarist Casey Cramer are from the funky Asheville powerhouse Strut, Casey also plays guitar for the Josh Phillips Folk Festival.  The Jukebox also features  Kyle Colclasure on bass from the local hip hop band GFE.  Affectionately dubbed “The Hot Sauce” female vocalist Marisa Albert spices up the show with beautiful harmonies. Keyboardist Justin Powell from Vertigo Jazz Project has been known to join in on the fun.  Multi-instrumemtalist, Matt Williams of Matt Williams and The Ocean adds to the diverse sound of the Jukebox.

Sugar Mama - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Dawn – Numatik

15 year old Summit Jaffe started playing with Moogerfoogers while most of his classmates were still hanging out on the playground. He made a splash at TEDx Next Generation Asheville with a dynamic performance that left everyone talking. On Mooged Out Volume 2 he uses creative application of Moog technology to generate a track that will keep you grooving.
Dawn - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2


Sous le Soleil – Afromotive

“Most musicians have known for years how important Bob Moog’s work is in the music industry.  I’m thankful that the BMF is helping to share that with the rest of the world, and that it’s based here in Asheville, NC!”

-Ryan Reardon, Afromotive

Sous Le Soleil - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2



Chains of Love – Kellin Watson

Consistently named as one of the best performing artists in WNC, Kellin’s track on Mooged Out Volume 2 has a fantastic, funky, groove that will hook you from the first note. Check out this video of Kellin on Studio South shot by Meg Lauzon.

For Mooged Out Volume 2, Chains of  Love was remixed by Aaron Price and Seva David Ball in Studio P, Knoxville, using a Moog Voyager and a pile of MoogerFooger boxes. Unique beat-mapping and triggering were used to sync processing of many tracks, including a perfectly good Steinway, which underwent the MoogerFoogerization process, nonetheless. There are rumors a surround version is in the can.

Chains of Love - The Bob Moog Foundation: Mooged Out Asheville, Vol. 2