NAMM 2013 in Photos

A duophonic Minimoog, a massive Moog modular and a very cool couch–NAMM 2013  in photos.

The NAMM show 2013, which took place in Anaheim, CA January  24-27,  was a resounding success for the Bob Moog Foundation.  From demos of vintage analog synthesizers, to the MiniWoouf sofa being the place to hang out, to a surprise visit from Stevie Wonder, to an amazing panel experience with legendary synthesist Michael Boddicker, the photos of NAMM 2013 are a reflection of the rich presence that the Foundation makes everywhere they take Bob’s legacy.

The Wall of Doom and The Duophonic Minimoog

Marc Doty demonstrates the Wall of Doom and Doug Slocum explains the Duophonic Minimoog’s unique features to Bernie Worrell.

The MiniWoouf Photo Album

Key, from left to right, seven pictures per row.

Row 1:  Asher Fulero of Everyone Orchestra, Bernie Worrell, Bill Purse, Bostich Ramon Amezcua of Shure Inc., Daniel Buettner, Dave Kerzner of Sonic Reality Inc., Diego Stocco.

Row 2: Dr. Lonnie Smith, Erik Norlander, Fernando Moore of Guitar Center Management, Greg Hockman of Fulcrum Acoustic, Huston Singletary of Ableton, Mark Vail author of Vintage Synthesizers, John Giammarrusco of Rock Nation.

Row 3: Jordan Rudess, Kenny Metcalf, CJ Vanston, Mark Hiskey, Michael Boddicker, Michael Gallant of Keyboard Magazine,  Paul De Benedictis of Spectrasonics.

Row 4: Ray Parker Jr., Reek Havok, Rich Formidoni with Korg USA, Inc., Michelle with Simon and Liam, Steve Hart of Live Nation, Tara Busch and Michelle, Vinnie DeLaria and Rodney Washburn of The Music People!.

Stevie Wonder Stops By

Stevie Wonder and Michelle find a few minutes to chat during NAMM 2013.