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The Bob Moog Foundation is thrilled to announce the realease of Moogmentum, a new dynamic, elegant, and emotional synthesizer-based album from internationally acclaimed recording artist, composer, modular synthesist, sound designer, educator, and clinician Lisa Bella Donna. The album will be released Saturday, August 21, 2021 in a collaboration between the Foundation and record label Behind The Sky Music, and will benefit the Bob Moog Foundation which is celebrating its 15th anniversary and the second anniversary of opening the Moogseum

“This record is a very special dedication to the life and work of Robert A. Moog,” states Lisa Bella Donna. “I wanted to tell a story coming from a musician who never had the privilege and pleasure to meet and speak with Bob personally. Rather, this is a story from someone who started on Moog synthesizers very young; about all of the doors it opened in my music and my perception of sound from that point onward.” 

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The 12 stunning tracks on Moogmentum pay homage to the timeless elegance, beauty, and craftsmanship that marked Bob Moog’s 50-year career as a snythesizer pioneer. Weaving together a phenomenal array of vintage and modern Moog synthesizers and sequencers, Bella Donna also incorporates ARP synthesizers, concert percussion, and reel-to-reel tapes. 

“Bob Moog’s work takes us right to the way sound sets the stage for composers of all walks of life,” says Bella Donna.  “The Moog synthesizer is that instrument. The one instrument that connected musicians and free-thinking artists of sound. All through my early years of working with Moog synthesizers, I would think about Bob’s journey and process; how amazing and exciting it must have been dreaming of such far reaching ideas to be so fully realized so quickly. His instruments and his designs have everything to do with the way I compose and realize my own work.”

Launched exactly one year after Bob Moog’s passing on August 21, 2005, the Foundation is celebrating 15 years of preserving Dr. Moog’s legacy by inspiring children and adults of all walks of life to embrace creative thinking through Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and the Moogseum. 

“To be invited to collaborate on this record with The Bob Moog Foundation is a thing of miracles,” continues Bella Donna. “It’s also another beautiful way to celebrate the opening of the Moogseum, something I was so grateful to be a part of two years ago. My hope is that this record moves the listener through a series of chapters that gets them in touch with how they first discovered Moog synthesizers and the remarkable impact that they made.”

LBD Moogmentum Electronic Sound Review

Electronic Sound Magazine Review

“Suffused with Bella Donna’s strikingly interpretive and expressive craftsmanship at every turn, this Moog Foundation-approved tour de force displays a vital, satisfyingly contemporary edge. At times, it evokes a majestic Vangelis soundtrack or Tangerine Dream at their “Phaedra”-era peak.” – Electronic Sound Magazine

Lisa Bella Donna at Moogmentum 2019
Lisa Bella Donna at Moogmentum 2019
Lisa Bella Donna at Moogmentum 2019

Lisa Bella Donna performs and teaches “Synthesizer Alchemy” Workshop at Moogmentum 2019. Photos by Tristan Whitney


Lisa Bella Donna is an internationally acclaimed recording artist, composer, modular synthesist, sound designer, educator, and clinician.  She has decades of experience as a session musician, educator, as well as developing extensive techniques with musique concreté, modular synthesis, analog & digital recording techniques, microtonal music, orchestration & film composition. 

Lisa currently tours all throughout the USA, Japan & Europe performing concerts and conducting workshops and clinics. She has been commissioned for many multichannel audio art installations in the USA and Europe. Lisa continues to inspire synthesists across the world every day from her recording studio in the Appalachian Mountains.


Behind The Sky is a record label created by established electronic producer Bluetech, which is committed to releasing high quality limited-edition vinyl presses of analog and modular synthesizer music.  Paying homage to the history of modular synthesizer music and inspired by sci-fi, retro utopian art and futuristic illustration, Behind The Sky aims to showcase artists looking forward to the future of analog synthesizer music.