Our Inspired Moments 2010

Inspired. That word is embedded in the history, ethos and mission of the Bob Moog Foundation.

Bob was inspired by the possibilities of unlimited sonic reality and by what he called “the network of ideas.” The convergence of those ideas and possibilities in Bob’s work effected millions of people around the world who were in turn inspired by his inventions and the music they spawned. This inspiration, and the way it changed people’s lives, drives the very heart of our work in igniting creativity at the intersection of music, science, history and innovation.

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In 2010, the inspiration that is rooted in Bob’s work has manifested itself in some of my proudest moments in the Foundation’s history:

  • In May, we made modular synthesis accessible (thanks to Amos Gaynes and August Worley) by transforming Erik Norlander’s legendary “Wall of Doom” custom modular Moog synthesizer  from a 6′ x 7′ monolithic structure into six portable rack mount cases. It was featured at our spring fundraiser Moogus Operandi. This unique instrument will travel once again this spring (and beyond), giving audiences new insights into the origin of synthesis.
  • In October, the Bob Moog Foundation wowed standing-room-only audiences at Moogfest with historical, educational and technical panels and discussions, drawing the attention of the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal . That same month, preservationist Seva Ball finished restoring and transferring 88 reel-to-reel tapes from our archives.
  • Throughout the year, we exposed children and adults to the science of sound through MoogLab; we gave people all over the world a rare glimpse into some little known facets of the Moog legacy through historian Brian Kehew’s detailed  explorations of moments in time captured in material from our archives; and we reveled in the varied and important work of our corps of committed, talented volunteers.

What inspires you? Unbridled musical exploration? Innovative methods in education? Unknown history brought alive to illuminate the future? Opening people’s minds to a world of possibilities that in turn make them more creative thinkers?

This is our work– the work of the Bob Moog Foundation. We illuminate history so that it might serve as a lesson for the future. We provide unparalleled opportunities for young and old to explore sonic realms and sculpt sound as an avenue to ignite creativity through science.

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