PBS North Carolina

March 10, 2020

The Moogseum had the honor of welcoming the producer and crew of PBS North Carolina / UNC-TV’s North Carolina Weekend for a feature episode.

We had a blast working with their team, showing them around, and delving into some of the content and history contained in the Moogseum. Many thanks to producer Scott Marsh.

North Carolina Weekend: The Moogseum (segment) | Season 1700

Moogseum PBS filming

Project Manager Erik Pflaumbaum demonstrates the "Hands On Synthesis" exhibit

Moogseum PBS filming

Capturing b-roll of Bob's Workbench exhibit

Moogseum PBS filming

Placing microphones in the Moogseum Store

Moogseum PBS filming

Exploring the "Making Waves: The Theremin" exhibit

Moogseum PBS filming

Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa with show producer Scott Marsh

Watch the full episode “From Wake Forest”: Season 1700 | Episode 1714

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