Photo Retrospective: Bernie Worrell & the Bob Moog Foundation



Bernie Worrell pioneered the use of the synthesizer in funk beginning in the early 1970s, and paved the way for so many who came after him. The musical community was the fortunate beneficiary of his tremendous talents, which he share through his work with Parliament Funkadelic and Talking Heads, among many others. His work is at one fundamental as it was revolutionary that it is among the most sampled by other musicians.

To learn more about Bernie, listen to a recent segment from NPR

or hear a short but fascinating interview with him from NAMM Oral Histories

Bernie passed away on June 24, 2016 at age 72 after fighting a battle with lung and liver cancer.  Like legions of fans around the world, we were deeply saddened by this loss. Bernie was a musical luminary and a gentle, humble human being. He was also a great friend to the Bob Moog Foundation. He will be deeply missed.


Moogfest 2010_Bernie Worrell_Pointing at BMF Pin

Bernie backstage at Mioogfest 2010, showing his support for the Bob Moog Foundation.


Moogfest 2010_MMK_Bernie Worell_Montoya_Daniello_Fortner_Gregory Koussa

Moogfest 2010. Hanging out with Bob Moog Foundation friends Jason Daniello (Moog Music), Nick Montoya, Bernie, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Steve Fornter (Keyboard Magazine), Gregory Koussa.




Bernie generously donated sounds to Spectrasonics’ Bob Moog Tribute Library, the sales of which directly benefit the Bob Moog Foundation.




At Winter NAMM 2013 at the Bob Moog Foundation booth exploring a duo phonic Minimoog modified by engineer Doug Slocum of Synthetic Sound Labs.





Bernie visits with Michelle Moog-Koussa at the NAMM 2013 booth. He was digging our Minimoog couch.



Bernie was a guest artist during our teaching session of with a group of disadvantaged students in the Turks and Caicos. He was present, humble, and loving with the kids, and was a fantastic teacher. They all loved him, and they were thrilled when he taught them how to play the synth lead from Flashlight.





Bernie Worrell’s gloved, guiding hands. He taught us all so much. What a legacy.



MMK_Bernie Worell_Moogfest 2016

At Moogfest 2016, Bernie graciously granted us an interview for our upcoming documentary about Bob Moog, “Electronic Voyager”. He’s pictured here with Michelle Moog-Koussa a month before his passing.


You can read much more about Bernie and sign his guestbook at his website,

Bernie also appears in the “Moog” documentary by Hans Fjellestad (2004).

Rest in Funk, Bernie Worrell! With love and gratitude for your indelible contributions to music and humanity.  You are missed!