Synth Guru Marc Doty Summer Residency at the Bob Moog Foundation

Marc Doty Residency at the Bob Moog Foundation



Marc Doty

We are delighted to announce that synthesizer education guru Marc Doty will be in residence at the Bob Moog Foundation in Asheville for a month this summer. With nearly four million views and 107 educational videos online Marc is well known to the synth community and beyond as a passionate teacher of the technology behind vintage analog synthesizers.

Clarity, expertise, and enthusiasm characteristize Marc’s signature style. His videos, which can be viewed at his YouTube channel AutomaticGainsay, feature a range of such classic vintage synthesizers as the Arp 2600  and the Korg MS-20. Perhaps Marc’s most notable video is his demonstration of the Minimoog Model D, which has drawn the interest of over 800,000 viewers, making it one of the most popular synthesizer demonstration videos on line. Check it out here:

And part 1 of nine videos on the ARP 2600:


This collection of online educational assets is but a side project for Marc. By day, he is a freelance graphics designer and videographer.   Recently he combined his talents by creating graphic materials explaining the basics of synthesis for our educational outreach efforts. When the need arose from our MoogLab curriculum team for a graphics designer with an expertise in synthesis to produce much needed materials over the summer, we knew Marc was the perfect candidate.

We are delighted to welcome Marc in joining our team for the one month period of July 15-August 15. During his residency, Marc will be lending his expertise and talents to MoogLab and various other projects of the Bob Moog Foundation. Keep your eye out for graphics and videos that we will post here as his work progresses! Until then, check out Marc’s videos — there’s lots of great information in them!



4 Responses to “Synth Guru Marc Doty Summer Residency at the Bob Moog Foundation”

  1. James Lewin

    Michelle –

    This is an exciting development! I’m really looking forward to seeing what Marc comes up with.

    I hope there will be time for Marc to give the world another sneak preview of some of the items in the archives, too.

  2. Michelle Moog-Koussa

    Hi James,

    We are thrilled to have Marc here. He’s quiet an asset to our efforts. Yes, Marc has plans to do a sneak preview of some items from the archives before he leaves.

    Thanks always for your support and interest in our efforts!

  3. Mike Myers

    Hi, I am looking for a contact address for Marc Doty. I would like to send him a copy of my new CD which contains a ton of analog synths. Please reply to me at:

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