Michelle Moog-Koussa Remembers Keith Emerson

A Massive Loss and a Monumental and Ethereal Connection   For three days I have struggled to write a fitting tribute to Keith Emerson. All I could muster was his name, staring starkly back at me from my unrelenting computer … Continued

Thom Holmes: Indexing the Moog Modular from 1967-1970

The Moog Modular 1967–1970: An Index* Tabulating Leading Indicators of Early Moog Influence I want to look back to four years that changed electronic music history. The years were 1967 to 1970, the first years during which Bob Moog’s Modular … Continued

Part 1 of 4: The Power of (Moog) Inspiration by Chris Stack

From Bach to Yes, early exposure to new sonic possibilities changed Chris Stack’s life. “More than anything, the use of these new electronic instruments opened my eyes to the possibilities of using technology to create works that embodied new artistic … Continued

Making Waves: Why I Support the Bob Moog Foundation

Bob Moog’s Legacy Changed My Life and I Know it Can Continue to Inspire Generations to Come By Kenn Florell I remember creeping into my older brother’s room sometime in the late 1960’s, pushing the power button of his Wollensak … Continued

What is That Thing and Where Can I Get One?

August 21, 2010 – Fifth Anniversary Tribute Seva David Ball, Preservationist on BMF GRAMMY Grant Reflects on Bob’s Impact on His Life My introduction to the Moog was at Christmas 1968, of course through Switched-On Bach by Carlos. I thought, … Continued