Two-Year Anniversary of Spectrasonics’ Bob Moog Tribute Library

Celebrating A World of Tribute to Bob Moog’s Legacy

Bob Moog Tribute Library

March 21, 2013  marks the second anniversary of the release of Spectrasonic’s Bob Moog Tribute Library. The significance of this milestone is rooted in three things. First, over 45 musicians and countless sound designers, spanning generations, genres, and geography, participated by donating signature sounds and patches of their own creation for the world to explore, use, and share. You can hear full audio tracks using the sound library here.

Second, 100% of the proceeds from this stunning collection of synthesized sounds benefit the Bob Moog Foundation. The funding generated by Spectrasonics’ and their users has contributed to major growth and progress at the BMF: Our staff has grown from one to four; Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and our associated educational programs have flourished, serving thousands of kids and adults locally and regionally, with aims for nationwide expansion;  and our work with archival preservation has allowed us to protect innumerable treasures of the Moog Legacy. With each step of progress, we are that much closer to our hallmark goal of creating the Moogseum.

Third, and perhaps most astounding, is the worldwide community of sonic explorers who have downloaded the Library. Legions of people from countries big and small have helped make this project a resounding success. From Argentina to Austria, Columbia to Cote D’Ivore, Egypt to Estonia, India to Iran, Hungary to Hong Kong, Lebanon to Lichtenstein, Netherlands to New Zealand, Slovak Republic to South Korea, Taiwan to Turkey, United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom, to our home country of the United States, and many more countries scattered across the globe, the world has stood up and paid a sonic tribute to Bob Moog.

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To everyone who has embraced the Bob Moog Tribute Library, and through it the Bob Moog Foundation, we are grateful. Our deep thanks go to all of the participating artists, and to the excellent people at Spectrasonics who worked tirelessly to create this product on our behalf, and who faithfully and selflessly transfer generated funds from the Bob Moog Tribute Library to us on a regular basis.  We are humbled by your support and empowered by your faith in our mission to ignite creativity at the intersection of music, science, history and innovation. Together, we will inspire generations to come, lead by Bob’s legacy of innovation.


Bob Moog Tribute Library: