Video Tribute: Thank you, Keith Emerson

Keith Emerson (November 2, 1944 – March 10, 2016)

Melding rarely seen photos from the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and using Keith’s own music, we offer a poignant video tribute to a man, musician, and composer who deeply inspired the music world.

May you soar in the heavens, our departed friend, on your musical wings. You are deeply missed here on Earth.

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  1. Robby Matthias

    Very nice tribute! It is hard to think of the name “Keith Emerson”,without invoking the name “Bob Moog”.The two,during the early seventies’,were so totally connected.The right place and the right technology,in the right time!Seems’ now like Dr.Moog was building his equipment specifically for Keith Emerson,although,we all know that was not the reality!Sometimes “Cosmic events’ ” do seem to align.Needless to say,we shall all miss Keith Emerson and Dr.Robert Moog!

  2. Brett Millering

    Beautiful touching tribute!!! The symbiosis between Robert Moog & Keith Emerson was one that’s alignment could only have happened during the burgeoning Progressive scene!! Dr. Moog’s invention was tailor made for the futuristic vision of a musician such as Keith Emerson!!!

    Keith Emerson’s contributions to music & synthesizers can’t be understated but can certainly be underscored as he was the most important composer of the 20th Century!!! He will be missed so very much but will live on through his vast legacy which in the broadest sense encompassed Classical, Jazz & Rock & Roll!!!

  3. Kimball Sugg

    Keith Emerson introduced a lot of us Southern high schoolers to Bach, Bartok, Brubeck, Copland, Ginastera, Holst, Janacek, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, and other greats. He inspired me to acquire a Hammond Porta-B and analog synth back in the day and play in local bands for weekend money. In the college years, though I was a Psych major, he continued to inspire me to take music appreciation, beginning orchestration, jazz studies, and electronic music composition at the first university EMS in my state to have a Moog modular system. I did many an overnight in that lab, working patches of increasing complexity, checking waveforms on the scope, working the ribbon controller, and laying down tracks on open reel TEAC and Revox. That Moog system is now under the care of BMF under permanent loan by Dr. Engebretson at UNC-G, and I thank Michelle and August very much for taking off the bubble wrap and allowing me to visit with it again during a trip to Asheville in 2014. Quite a trip down memory lane! Moogs and Hammonds are a giant leap from my sister’s Magnus chord organ on which I learned Tarkus in 1972. Thanks for the inspiration Keith.?

  4. Andrea

    Thanks to both of you.
    Together with my family and JSB you have been the happiness of my life

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